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Saadiyat Island
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Local Name:
جزيرة السعديات
Construction Start:
2700 ha
  1. March 2019 update:

    The campaign was revealed on Tuesday by Saif Ghobash, undersecretary at the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi.

    Mr Ghobash confirmed that major Saadiyat Island projects including the Zayed National Museum and the Guggenheim were still in progress.

    “All I can say now is that with Louvre Abu Dhabi done and completed a year ago, all the other projects have been put into full gear,” he said.

    Plans for the Zayed National Museum were announced in 2007, with a design inspired by a falcon’s feathers completed by the British architect Norman Foster. But the opening has been pushed back several times.

  2. Saadiyat museum updates:

    Louvre Abu Dhabi: completed

    Photo source:

    Guggenheim & Sheikh Zayed National Museum: delayed for a decade already:

    Photo source (2010):

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    Saadiyat Island

    Status: under construction

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