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    New resort planned for Sharjah.

    As part of its plans to attract more visitors, Sharjah is getting ready to welcome four new tourist attractions. From a luxury waterfront hotel to an ecotourism resort, the four attractions aim to give people a reason to visit the third-largest city in the UAE, which already has a reputation for its unique heritage and cultural landscape.
    Khor Fakkan Water Park Resort

    Located on the east coast of the country, Khor Fakkan has spectacular views of mountains, paired with beautiful beach landscapes and a seasonal climate. The beach area is already in the process of being redeveloped, including the addition of an amphitheatre, skating rink, sports courts, picnic areas, and a huge children’s play area.The water park resort will include a family-friendly hotel with 66 rooms, alongside the first waterpark in the region.
    Family-Friendly Safari Park

    Sharjah’s Al Dhaid region is surrounded by gravel plains and Acadia trees, the perfect backdrop for a safari attraction. The Seih Al Bardi Kabeer Safari Park will span over 14 square kilometres, within a wildlife protected area. The sustainable tourism project will support conservation efforts by housing up to 50,000 native and imported animals. The park will include a new 60 room family retreat hotel, where guests can hopefully spot impalas, wildebeest, giraffes, and rhinos from their own room.
    Kalba Waterfront Lagoon View Mall and Hotel

    Just a few minutes travel from Oman’s northern border, the Kalba waterfront is already being redeveloped to include one of the country’s most spectacular and picturesque shopping malls. The view from the mall will be of the beautiful mangrove-lined lagoon, as well as a sprawling park where visitors can enjoy the natural surroundings. The waterfront will also include a shopping promenade, dining area, and a 1,600 children’s play area, alongside a new luxury hotel directly adjacent to the waterfront.
    The Moon Resort at Mlehia

    Mlehia is located around an hours drive from the city, where tourists can go to experience the deep deserts of Sharjah. Quad biking and trekking are popular in the area, alongside other desert escapades. The new addition to the area will be a Moon Retreat, a family-friendly desert haven where guests can stay overnight, to stargaze and relax.

  2. Wyndham is set to open a new resort in Barbados. Sam Lord's Castle, a Wyndham Grand Resort is scheduled to open in late 2020.

    The original Sam Lord's Castle, a Georgian style mansion built in 1820 and home of Samuel Hall Lord was later turned into a hotel. In 2010, the hotel caught fire and has been closed ever since.

    The Wyndham Grand Resort will feature 450 rooms, 3 on-site restaurants and a luxurious spa.

  3. Hengdian World Studios, located in Hengdian, China, is the world's largest Film & Television production facility, and is known for its recreations of ancient Chinese palaces used for international production. In 2019, they opened the Hengdian Shanghai Bund Resort- a hybrid Theme Park & Studio.

    A deviation from their other attractions, their next project is a Future City, anchored by a major theme park tentatively titled "Dream Kingdom". Marking the entrance is a unique hotel design- The MoonGate Resort, designed by Legacy Entertainment (Legacy was also the design firm responsible for the Hengdian Shanghai Bund). Modeled after ancient Chinese Moon Gates, this bold resort design is configured so that guests arriving to the hotel will enter at the ground floor, while visitors entering and exiting the theme park will pass over a bridge integrated into the facility's third floor.

    In the hospitality design sector, Legacy Entertainment is best known for their Macau resort designs of Galaxy Macau and Studio City Macau.

  4. Cirque du Soleil and Legacy Entertainment have collaborated on a number of Location Based Entertainment ventures, including this Retail, Dining, and Entertainment-focused Integrated Resort concept planned for Asia. Unlike the Vidanta project, this development focuses less on rides and attractions, and more on immersive shopping, dining, and boutique hotel experiences.

  5. Nine Dragons is a large-scale integrated resort project proposed as an expansion of the existing Nine Dragons Admirals Golf Club complex located about 90 kilometers outside of Shanghai, China. In addition to the Theme Park component (artwork featured on ThemeParx), large scale resort facilities are also proposed. The property's existing Marina would be expanded to include infrastructure capable of hosting Cruise Ships. The resort design and resort master plan was provided by Legacy Entertainment.

  6. The new sister resort for Swan and Dolphin at Walt Disney World is back under construction again.


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    November 2019 construction photos of the much-delayed, spectacular Alila Salalah resort (also called Alila Hinu Bay) in Dhofar, southern Oman. Was supposed to be open by now, but likely delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  8. Jakarta's Hotel Indonesia has been one of Southeast Asia's most important resort landmarks since its debut in 1962. Designed by Abel Sorensen, it played host to more foreign dignitaries than any other property in the country, and was declared a national heritage site in 1993. In 2004, Djarum began the process of expanding the offerings connected to the property, engaging Legacy Entertainment and RTKL to develop a massive retail, dining, and entertainment complex known as Grand Indonesia. Construction began in 2005, and began opening in phases in 2008. By 2009, all new elements were online, with the renovated Hotel Indonesia being operated under the Kempinski banner.

    Legacy Entertainment was engaged based upon their involvement in the design of The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The firm has also been quite active in Indonesia, also having collaborated on the retail design of Jakarta's FX Lifestyle Center, as well as Trans Studio Theme Parks in Cibubur, Bali, and Makassar.

    The Grand Indonesia mall's top two floors are among the most highly themed retail in the world, and include multiple entertainment attractions, amongst which is a fountain show produced by Legacy Entertainment. Legacy Entertainment's design divided the area in 4 distinct districts- The Entertainment District, The Fashion District, The Garden District, and The Market District. In recent years, the Market District was replaced by an H MART anchor tenant.

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    A new hotel under construction to join the Swan and Dolphin in Walt Disney World, EPCOT resort area.

    Aerial view of The Cove, a new Marriott in EPCOT Resorts. Construction has started on the pool, and more glass is on the exterior.

    Aerial view of EPCOT Resorts today. In foreground, construction of The Cove. A new Marriott and sibling to Dolphin and Swan.

  10. That Universal 'resort' looks like Soviet Housing or Singapore HDBs. Who came up with that design? Terrible.

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