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    Macau Resort Design: Studio City Macau FutureZone Retail Street

    Earlier Concept Design and Schematic Design iterations of Studio City Macau by Legacy Entertainment had a futuristic theme zone in the location currently occupied by the New York retail street and Times Square Hub. Legendary futurist Syd Mead collaborated with Legacy Entertainment on the design of this area.

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    Congratulations! Capping of the main structure of the Resorts World @Macau, Lago 1 Nam Van was finished on June 23.

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    This is the most recent news on the border I can find and it looks like it is now open from Mainland China with some restrictions.

    China has loosened coronavirus-related border restrictions between Macau and the neighbouring coastal province of Guangdong, sending shares of Macau casino operators surging on hopes of a quick pickup in demand.
    Guangdong authorities said late on Monday that from July 15 visitors arriving from the world’s biggest gambling hub would no longer have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. The border with mainland China has been effectively shut since late March.
    “Individuals coming to Macau from outside of Guangdong would face difficulties in travel as they would likely need to stay in Guangdong for two weeks prior to traveling home, which will severely restrict visitation,” he said.

  4. Have the casinos reopened?

    Is the border with Mainland China still shut?

  5. Studio City Macau's 'Golden Reel' Ferris Wheel is a feat of engineering. Designed by Legacy Entertainment and manufactured by Intamin, the iconic Figure-8 structure "hangs" on pins between two separate architectural tower structures, and takes riders on a journey through the Figure-8 embedded into the resort's iconic facade. During the resort's Concept Design phase, multiple options were explored and considered, including a single-loop Ferris Wheel. As seen in this concept art images, an idea was explored of making the rider experience an "inward facing" one due to the lack of things to see surrounding the resort, though this was ultimately abandoned for a more-traditional cabin experience.

  6. Part 2: Macau Studio City Golden Reel Icon Ferris Wheel Design by Legacy Entertainment and Intamin

  7. Studio City Macau's Hologram Show went through multiple design iterations, including a version that would have seen the audience immersed amidst three of the inverted pyramid displays. These concept art images from Legacy Entertainment show a few of the proposals, including one by iconic futurist Syd Mead.

  8. GALAXY MACAU engaged the resort's original designer and frequent collaborator, Legacy Entertainment, to explore ways in which to enhance the entrances to the central Casino. One concept was to retrofit these portals with colossal high-resolution LED screens on which a variety of creative content could be displayed.

  9. The most unique feature from Macau Studio City's design process which was not realized in the finished product was The SKY RIDER- a unique hybrid transportation system and dark ride conceived by Lawrence Ho and designed by the resort's designers, Legacy Entertainment. This futuristic skyway would have taken riders on an aerial tour of the property, peeking into various restaurants and retail streets before moving outdoors. After making its way over the pool deck, it would have returned inside for a special effects-heavy finale. Had this been built, it surely would have been one of the world's most unique dark ride experiences.

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