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  1. MW
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    Feb 2023
    Leaked pictures of the interior of the newest, soon-to-open luxury hotel Atlantis the Royal on Palm Jumeirah island.
    “[The building] is not just a quiet place to relax and eat fine food—it’s about experiencing something you never imagined could be. The architecture sets this up strongly with its vertical piling up of outdoor experiences in the outside spaces.”

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    Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah Dubai is due to be open by the end of 2022.

    Marriott International is growing at a rapid pace in the Middle East. Over the next 15 months, the US hotel group expects to more than 20 hotels and 5,000 keys. In addition, the group hopes to cross 50 hotels just in Dubai – long the tourism hub of the region.

  3. I visited the Palm Jumeirah and found some free building sites! All on the Crescent Road. Check it out !

  4. I was on the Palm Jumeirah, and here is the resort that is being built next to C Central Resort The Palm.

  5. The Palm Jumeirah still has some sites in the early stages of construction. Here is the one.
    Have any ideas what are they planning to build there?

  6. Here is the Royal Atlantis Residences with ultra luxury serviced apartments located in Palm Jumeirah, just next to Atlantis The Palm!

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    Nov 2020
    Omniyat one of the most visionary real-estate development and service groups in the Gulf Region, has launched a new luxury residential project dubbed the AVA Palm Jumeirah, on the Palm Jumeirah, an archipelago of artificial islands in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

    The timing of this new launch happened to align with the delivery of the developer’s One at Palm Jumeirah Development which is currently under the management of Dorchester Collection, Dubai.

    According to Omniyat, AVA Palm Jumeirah is will feature 17 hanging palaces that all have a unique and innovatively done architectural character. the company explained that developments units “re-shape” the real estate development industry alongside its luxury market.

    Furthermore, the company said that the project, which is the latest addition to the Omniyat group’s US$ 4bn investment portfolio, will contribute towards the further elevation of extravagant lifestyles for both international and local high net worth individuals.

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    Oct 2021

    OMNIYAT reveals AVA Palm Jumeirah 17 palaces via drone show

    AVA is the latest addition to OMNIYAT Group’s $4.08bn (AED15bn) investment portfolio. The palaces will contain an innovative architectural character, re-shaping the real estate development industry and luxury market.

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