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    Earlier this month, the airport confirmed that over the last three years, no further progress had been made, and the terminal remains in the same state as it did before the pandemic. However, on Friday, Momberger Airport Information reported that the terminal is finally set to open later this year, with the inauguration likely taking place on December 2, 2023, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 's National Day.

  2. That's a lot of activity indeed. So a 2023 opening is likely.

  3. Progress is being made, first image shows this month and the second one shows last month

  4. This article quotes Frank McCrorie (the new COO) as saying they won't open this year, schedule is on plan but they won't open just because construction is complete...

    “The project is where we want it to be. It is on programme. There is a whole load of activity taking place, so it is really in its final phases. We are finishing trialling it and staff have to be familiar with it,” Mr McCrorie said. The terminal will not be opened this year, according to Mr McCrorie.

    “We will open it when we think it is the right time to open it and I must stress that — it is not necessarily about when it will be ready for opening,” he said, declining to provide a date. “The biggest factor for us is reputation. Everybody has been waiting for this facility to open, so we want to make sure that we do so in a timely manner and in the correct fashion.”

    The right time will depend on travel demand, measures to invest in the latest technology, the addition of new service initiatives, the construction schedule, operational readiness, staff familiarisation, training, trialling, as well as initiatives to guarantee success on every transition and integration of systems, he said.

  5. Seems very complete even at night

  6. Any updates?

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    Pictures from this month from the yet-to-open main access road:

  8. That Abu Dhabi new terminal saga exceedingly resembles the history of Berlin Brandenburg airport, which opened 8 years late. Abu Dhabi is now 6 years behind schedule.

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