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  1. Best description of what the DQ is all about:

    The Diplomatic Quarter, or the DQ as it is popularly known, is home to foreign embassies and international organizations as well as residential areas and their services. With lush greenery and prime examples of contextual architecture, the area has become Saudi Arabia’s most accomplished work of “green architecture” and a model for other new Islamic communities around the world.

    The DQ turned out an outstanding neighborhood. Its character is strongly influenced by elegant landscape design, green roads, and elaborate roundabouts. Pathways, seating areas and picnic places are positioned to take full advantage of views into the Wadi Hanifa, to give sunset views, and to catch cool evening breezes. For sports, there are walkways and jogging paths, bicycle paths, sports center, and sports fields.

    The landscaping of the entire project has been planned as a self-sustaining ecological system, using, where appropriate, plant materials to be found in the surrounding desert environment. The Aga Khan Award jury found the landscaping to be “a realistic and imaginative understanding of the natural and spatial organisation in hot and arid regions.”

  2. Curious, why is this project/district listed here on resortX?

    Are there any ongoing renovations/expansions, or big plans for the future?

  3. Diplomatic Quarter 'Steward' Noble Coker looks like a very interesting character!

  4. Great pictures giving you a sense of the resort-like character of this unique district in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh:


  5. Old article (2014): The Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter’s Desert Parks


  6. The Diplomatic Quarter is filled with embassies and residential compounds, plus dining options from fast-food chains to upscale European and Middle Eastern restaurants. A walking trail around the area passes parks such as grassy Tuwaiq Garden and offers views of Wadi Hanifah valley. The King Salman Science Oasis explores topics like robotics and biotechnology with hands-on displays.,+Riyadh+Saudi+Arabia/@24.6804443,46.6039616,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3e2f1c4e32165ad7:0x5fef9c9956d51a50!8m2!3d24.6832935!4d46.6231824

  7. Oct 31, 2021:

    I want to thank the awesome #diplomaticquarter community for making the first annual #trunkortreat a wonderful success! #DQisHome4 #Children #familyfun

  8. Oct 30, 2021:

    Welcome #dqmarket 2021/22!

  9. Oct 24, 2021:

    We thank @drausaf for making the time to share both experiences and ideas about making the DQ an even better #home for our #globalcommunity. Regardless of our origins, it seems we all desire to make the DQ a haven for #Multiculturalism. #DQisHome4

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