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  1. Aug 23, 2021:

    HE Iwai Fumio is one of the few diplomatic leaders who we proudly can say has been a resident in the #DiplomaticQuarter twice! HE explained the many positive contributions #Japan has made during his tenure and the impression that the DQ has had on him personally.

  2. Aug 21, 2021:

    I had the opportunity to sit down with Anna Power, head of the DQ campus of the British International School in Riyadh, to understand from an educator’s perspective the value of a #community like the #diplomaticquarter. I hope her vision impresses you as much as it did me!

  3. Aug 19, 2021:

    Guess where this is?

  4. Aug 12, 2021:

    I was amazed to find out that the Kenyan embassy was one of the first operating embassies in the DQ, opening in 1986! H.E. Peter N.O.R. Ogego, our Kenyan Ambassador, shared how Kenyans have been an integral piece of the #cultural mosaic of this #diverse community from the start.

  5. Aug 6, 2021:

    Thank you, Your Excellency, for your passion for the potential of this place we call home! #diplomaticquarter #diversity #leadership

  6. Aug 2, 2021:

    Italy leads the world in their efforts to preserve their rich heritage for future generations, and this was the @ItalyinKSA ambassador’s passion for the DQ: to respect and preserve what makes the DQ special! #DQisHome4 #Italy #conservation

  7. Jul 26, 2021:

    Let me know if this is also your home!

  8. Jul 17, 2021:

    DQ’s Nature Trail part 1: 5:30am and this is what I see on a run along the nature trail. Most think of “desert” when they hear Saudi Arabia. This isn’t like any desert I’ve ever known! #Diplomatic_Quarter #outdoors

  9. Jul 14, 2021:

    I have been given the privilege of caring for the Diplomatic Quarter as it’s new Steward. I want to invite you on a journey of discovery with me to learn about this incredibly unique place. #Diplomatic_Quarter

  10. Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter is now headed by the former VP of Hong Kong Disneyland and Wanda Group theme parks, Noble Coker:

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