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Mandai Project
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13 Oct 2021
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126 ha
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  1. Ana
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    Mandai Wildlife Group is the steward of Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a unique wildlife and nature destination in Singapore that is home to world-renowned wildlife parks which connect visitors to the fascinating world of wildlife. The Group is driving an exciting rejuvenation plan at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, adjacent to Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve, that will integrate five wildlife parks with distinctive nature-based experiences, green public spaces and an eco-friendly resort. This includes two new wildlife parks – a bird park and a rainforest park that celebrates the natural wonders of Africa and Asia.

    The new rainforest park experience will focus on the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and equatorial Africa. Through careful landscape strategies, visitors can expect an immersive experience with nature through rich flora and fauna habitats. The two-park experience brings visitors closer to animals indigenous to the rainforests through adventure and immersive play features.

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    The brand that was unveiled on Wednesday is the culmination of four years of arduous work by the Mandai Wildlife Group in-house team, led by SVP of brand and communications Suzanne Ho, and TSLA's design and branding practice Anak, led by creative partner Hanyi Lee.
    The brand's updated video also immerses you into the environment and reveals the new design elements and the tagline 'Come to life'.

    The brand launch will be supported by marketing campaigns and activations within the wildlife parks, around Singapore and online. The complete brand changeover—including signages, etickets and corporate attire—is expected to conclude by the end of 2022.

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    The billboard at the entrance to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve and new entrance area under construction.

    Visitors taking public transport to the new Bird Paradise and Rainforest Wild (Asia) will alight at this level and ascend via escalators/elevators to the landscaped deck above, where the entrances to the 2 parks are located.

    Everyone entering Mandai Wildlife Reserve will pass under the East Arrival, a landscaped deck that connects the entrances of the new Bird Paradise and Rainforest Wild (Asia). The gateway will eventually be framed by faux animal rock carvings.


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    They seem to have done a bit of rebranding so far this year. Wildlife Reserves Singapore is now Mandai Wildlife Group.

    Separately, last October, Wildlife Reserves Singapore rebranded to Mandai Wildlife Group to encompass both the zoological park operations and the ongoing rejuvenation work at the Mandai precinct. The newly integrated destination, Mandai Wildlife Group, will house all of Singapore's wildlife parks along with a visual refresh for the parks. Along with the group's new corporate identity, a new "Masterbrand Mandai", which embodies the passion and commitment for a thriving, biodiverse planet, was also unveiled.

    Mandai Wildlife Group has named Jean Choi its chief sales and marketing officer as Irene Lin leaves to join Marina Bay Sands (MBS) as SVP and CMO, resort marketing. Lin (pictured left) joined Mandai Wildlife Group, previously known as Wildlife Reserves Singapore...

  5. The pre-existing parts of the overall park are still open to the public but works on limited capacity.
    You can find all ongoing and updated announcements below:

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    As part of the corporate revamp, the River Safari - one of three existing wildlife parks in Mandai - will be renamed the River Wonders. The Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari will retain their names.

    When the works for the two new parks are complete, the Mandai area will be home to a total of five wildlife parks. This new "integrated destination" will be known as the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

    Mr. Barclay said that with the revamp, he hopes that "Mandai" will become as globally synonymous with Singapore as "Changi", so that people worldwide will associate the word with the nation's wildlife scene.

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    These construction images are from April 2021 but are the most up to date I can find right now.

    This is the area adjacent to the Singapore Zoo/River Safari/Night Safari entrances. In the foreground will be a transport hub (underground) and a nature-themed indoor attraction. In the background (top left) will be the hotel.

    In the foreground is the Penguin Cove exhibit building. In the background is the Australian Outback aviary.

    In the foreground is the concourse area, which is an elevated deck above the public road. In the background is the Heart of Africa aviary.

    Legend (" " denote the exhibit names):
    "Winged Sanctuary" = conventional small aviaries re-creating micro-habitats
    Dry Forest = "Australian Outback"
    JOF 1,2 = "Mysterious Papua" (New Guinea rainforest)
    JOF 3,4,5 = "Lory Loft", "Songs of the Forest" (Southeast Asian rainforest) and "Amazonian Jewels"
    MBOH = back of house breeding centre and avian hospital
    DAWTP1 = waste water treatment plant
    MSCP = multi-storey carpark
    SOF = "Wings of Asia" (Asian rice terrace/agricultural landscape)
    Tropical Valley = "Heart of Africa"
    MLR = Mandai Lake Road (public road will pass under the concourse)
    EDP = effluent discharge pipe
    RFN = Rainforest Park North (Southeast Asian themed)

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  9. The opening of two wildlife parks in Mandai could be pushed back further, with delays worsened by Covid-19's impact on the construction sector.

    One of them, Jurong Bird Park, had originally been set to move to Mandai and reopen in 2020, while a 2023 opening was planned for a forest-themed wildlife park there.
    The bird park - to be renamed the Bird Paradise - is expected to open in 2022, while the Rainforest Wild park is expected to open by 2024. When the works for the two new parks are complete, the Mandai area will be home to a total of five wildlife parks. This new "integrated destination" will be known as the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

    There will be new facilities that will be rolled out across the parks. This includes a new rehabilitation centre for rescued wild animals in Singapore at the new Rainforest Wild. In line with the group's focus on sustainability, the parks will also feature green elements such as solar panels and waste recycling through a black soldier fly facility.


  10. Some concept designs from a designer who worked on the Mandai Bird Park project.


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