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13 Oct 2021
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126 ha
Mandai Park Holdings
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
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    Construction for each phase will be broken down into packages based on operational requirements of existing and planned attractions, as well as anticipated contractors’ capabilities and specialisation.

    The current Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari attract an average of 10,500 visitors daily. By way of comparison, the Singapore Botanic Gardens has a daily visitorship of approximately 12,000.
    The new attractions will be opened in two phases. The first phase is targeted to commence operations in 2020 and the second phase in 2023. The projected visitation is expected to increase significantly in the first few years and reach a steady stage in 2036. Table 2.3 presents the current and the projected visitation levels that have been used as the basis of the concept design development. The increased numbers of visitors will result in a growth of traffic volume. Table 2.4 outlines the breakdown based on different transportation modes.

    The brand launch will be supported by marketing campaigns and activations within the wildlife parks, around Singapore and online. The complete brand changeover—including signages, etickets and corporate attire—is expected to conclude by the end of 2022.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Why would anyone post a construction update from back in 2019?

    What's the latest status?
    Read the first sentence in my post. The site is quite inaccessible so there are not a lot of construction photos available. The last photo in my post is from 8 months back and that seems to be the latest I can find.

  4. Why would anyone post a construction update from back in 2019?

    What's the latest status?

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    Construction update from back in 2019:

    There won't be many photos of the construction of the new bird park in Mandai (which will replace the current Jurong Bird Park) as the site is quite inaccessible.

    The foreground of this photo is where the West Arrival plaza will be. It will be a raised deck with the main road passing underneath it - the main road being where the excavator is, and the deck will be held up by those large pillars.

    In the background is where the new bird park is being built. The cluster of trees that have been preserved will be contained within the park's largest aviary, the African-themed Tropical Valley. It will be roughly the same size as Jurong's Waterfall Aviary, about 2 hectares. Those tripod structures are the support masts that will hold up the aviary netting. The 2-level building to the far left is the entrance/exit to the aviary. if all goes according to schedule, the new bird park will open by the end of next year.


    Here are some photos of construction works from one of the contractors' websites:


    And here's a screenshot of a new bridge they recently launched at Mandai Lake Road:


  6. Singapore's Mandai Project combines nature and technology!

    The rejuvenation of Mandai will involve the integration of the existing River Safari, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo with upcoming new attractions - including the new Bird Park, a Rainforest Park, and a nature-themed indoor attraction. Complete with eco-accommodation options and welcoming green public spaces, Mandai will be transformed into an exciting nature and wildlife destination that Singaporeans can call their own.

    First announced by Mandai Park Holdings, the parent company of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, in June 2016, the project’s main focus is to enhance Singapore’s three main wildlife attractions - Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari - with two complementary cousins, a new Bird Park (absorbing the existing Jurong Bird Park) and Rainforest Park, creating a 126 hectare mega-attraction by 2023.


    A full summary of Mandai Project:

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    Mandai Project

    Status: under construction

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