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Jubail Island
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Apr 2019
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4000 ha
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  1. Jubail Island: A Beacon of Sustainable Development in Abu Dhabi

    In a strategic initiative aimed at the preservation of coastal ecosystems, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi has entered into a collaboration with Jubail Island Investment Company to establish the Jubail Mangrove Innovation Centre, underscoring a steadfast commitment to environmental conservation.

    Educational Advancements:
    Expanding its repertoire, Jubail Island Investment Company, in conjunction with Spaces Investment & Real Estate Development, formalized an agreement with Gordonstoun on September 21, 2023, to inaugurate a school on Jubail Island. Gordonstoun's distinct educational ethos will be implemented, emphasizing character building and skill development for students aged four to eighteen.

    Lifestyle and Amenities:
    Jubail Island, an AED 15 billion master-planned megaproject in Abu Dhabi, is poised to introduce a meticulously curated suite of amenities across its six communities. Tailored for eco-friendly waterfront living, the island encompasses supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, cafes, and more. The oversight of ongoing operations will be entrusted to Jubail Island Community Management (JICM), leveraging advanced software solutions for resident engagement and operational efficiency.

    Eco-Conscious Living:
    Aligned with a commitment to environmental management, Jubail Island's communities are thoughtfully developed around mangrove forests. Residents will have access to an Eco-Retreat, Jubail Mangrove Park, an on-site equestrian school, kayaking center, paddle club, beach club, and exclusive yacht clubs, all contributing to a harmonious coexistence with nature.

    Active Lifestyle:
    JICM is tasked with managing outdoor and indoor fitness facilities, community pools, sports courts, play areas, skate park, bounce park, fitness trails, jogging paths, and cycling tracks. The island aims to foster holistic well-being for its residents.

    Infrastructure and Commercial Spaces:
    Commercial zones will include over 18,000 square meters of office space, 8,000 square meters of retail outlets, four community centers, and a central hub, Souk Al Jubail, featuring a standalone 1,000-square meter Spinneys supermarket.

    Comprehensive Lifestyle Needs:
    Jubail Island aspires to cater to all lifestyle needs, with plans for seven mosques, a nursery, a K-12 private school, a medical clinic, and a Civil Defence Centre, solidifying its status as the premier lifestyle destination in Abu Dhabi.

    Engineering Excellence:
    Engineer Abdulla Saeed Al Shamsi, Corporate Director of Jubail Island Investment Company, underscores the development's world-class amenities and the pivotal role of JICM in ensuring efficient community facility operations.

    Managed by LEAD Real Estate Developer, Jubail Island is set to redefine residential experiences, offering low-density, low-impact living within Abu Dhabi's iconic mangrove forest. The completion of this project signifies a new era of sustainable, holistic living in the heart of the capital.

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    Jubail Island has announced the successful connection of the water network on the island, marking a significant milestone that reinforces LEAD Real Estate Developer’s commitment to delivering the project on time.

    The water network has been seamlessly linked to the existing water Transmission Line, operated by Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANSCO) in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC). This connection paves the way for the final stages of testing and commissioning the internal water network of Jubail Island.
    The project has also recently handed over the plots of land to its stakeholders. This achievement keeps us firmly on track with our schedule and guarantees the on-time handover of the villas.

  3. The first official owner to receive the handover title deed for their land plot on Jubail Island.

    The milestone was celebrated with an official handover ceremony, that marks the first of 112 private land plots that are ready for handover, which will allow plot owners to begin developing their mansions, and marks the first phase of the residential handover
    The handover signifies the first of 112 private land plots ready for their owners to take possession, underscoring LEAD Development's commitment to finishing the project on time.
    The plot owners have been working closely with LEAD Development to finalise their private residential designs. While work begins on constructing private mansions, LEAD Development will be working to landscape the project’s public spaces and complete the construction of villas in time to meet the next tranche of property handovers scheduled for September 2023.

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  5. The Souk at Jubail Islands to be a central hub. The Souk, the latest development on Jubail Island, was introduced by Lead Development. Six settlements are connected by the Souk, which is strategically located to promote access to other island sites including Jubail Mangrove Park, Jubail Beach Park, and the Marina.
    “The launch of The Souk community brings another unique addition to Jubail Island, through which we seek to integrate a high-quality and sustainable way of life for residents and visitors alike to experience,” said Mahmoud Dandashly, chief business officer of Lead Development.,leisure%2C%20retail%20and%20commercial%20services.

  6. Jubail Mangrove Park opened to the public on January 30, 2020, and has since become a favourite spot for nature-loving residents of the capital.
    What to expect: The main attraction at Jubail Mangrove Park is its boardwalk, which consists of three different routes. The longest one stretches two kilometres, the mid-range one is 1.6km and the shortest is 1km. A ranger said, depending on the pace, the longest route can take anywhere between 35 to 90 minutes.

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    Etihad Airways and Marriott International Join Hands to Plant 12,000 Mangrove Trees In Jubail Island

    Spread across more than 150 square kilometers of the UAE’s coastline, the Etihad Marriott Mangrove Forest will make up part of the only evergreen forest in the GCC region providing a natural habitat for marine and terrestrial species.

    During the first phase of the two-month project, which took place on January 27, 2023, teams from Etihad and Marriott International planted the first set of Jubail Island mangrove trees.

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    Lead Development has announced the launch of The Souk – Jubail Island’s modern and vibrant destination, which is the main link connecting the six villages across the island, providing residents with a central hub that combines wellbeing, connectivity, leisure, retail and commercial services.

    The Souk’s prime location provides increased connectivity to other destinations on the island, such as Jubail Mangrove Park, Jubail Beach Club, and the Marina.

    Similarly, The Souk provides residents with the opportunity to own a property overlooking sea views. The project offers options for potential buyers with a wide range of luxury housing units distributed over low-rise buildings consisting of three or four floors known as Jubail Terraces.

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    Jubail Island is included in this round up of new projects coming to Abu Dhabi in the next few years.

    Nestled between Yas and Saadiyat, Jubail Island is already one of Abu Dhabi’s most idyllic islands, thanks to its lush, stretching mangroves. But the development of Jubail Island is set to see it become one of the capital’s most desirable residential destinations, with six residential estates comprising of beautiful luxury townhouses and apartments currently under construction. But in a new update, developer Jubail Island Investment Company (JIIC) has also unveiled plans for a beating heart for the new local community, the stunning Jubail Marina.
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