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    Dubai has announced a masterplan for Palm Jebel Ali, which will see 80 new hotels in a development twice the size of Palm Jumeirah.

    The development was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai who said it would include 110km of beaches.

    Palm Jebel Ali would be part of the emirate’s ambition to be “the most beautiful city in the world” said Sheikh Mohammed.
    In a tweet, Sheikh Mohammed said: “Dubai is growing and thriving. Today, we announce today the new plan for Palm Jebel Ali. Its area is twice that of Palm Jumeirah and its beaches reach 110km.

    “Its marine and green pastures will provide housing with the highest quality of life and its visitors and tourists will enjoy more than 80 hotels and resorts that provide beautiful tourist experiences for them and their families.

    “We announced our goal to double Dubai’s economy by 2033 and every day we add a new brick in building the most beautiful city in the world”.
    Palm Jebel Ali will raise the global benchmark in waterfront living and offer a breadth of luxury lifestyle amenities for residents, families and visitors, supporting the objective of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 to consolidate Dubai’s status as one of the world’s top cities for business and tourism.

    The project also marks the beginning of a new growth corridor in the Jebel Ali area, underlining the expansion of the emirate.

    Spanning an area of 13.4 square kilometres and occupying an area twice the size of Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali will feature extensive green spaces and unique waterfront experiences.

    The project will add approximately 110 kilometres of coastline to Dubai that will provide approximately 35,000 families with unrivalled luxury beachside living.

    Palm Jebel Ali will feature more than 80 hotels and resorts, and a wide choice of entertainment and leisure facilities that will contribute to Dubai’s tourism sector, while distinguishing the archipelago as an aspirational residential destination in the city.

    Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shaibani, Managing Director of the Investment Corporation of Dubai and Chairman of Nakheel said, “We are honoured to embark on a pathbreaking journey with the new masterplan of Palm Jebel Ali, which is unprecedented in magnitude and scale.

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  2. ResortsAhoy is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    The dreamy city of Dubai is always surprising us with new ventures. The latest project that has caught our attention is the Palm Jebel Ali site. Construction started in 2002 and ended in 2008, although the dream continues, mostly due to the projects’ enormous scope. So the relaunch of this project with surprising additions is on the cards and we can’t wait for the announcement.
    The megaproject that was put on hold in 2009 will resume as the price of beachfront houses rises by 300 per cent in just two years. A project that has been abandoned since 2009 as the city sees a spike in demand for coastal homes and flats. 20 years ago, plans for the Palm Jebel Ali project called for a land parcel that was 50% bigger than the Palm Jumeirah. A long line of prospective buyers has formed since it was recently revealed that Palm Jebel Ali would be rebranded and reopened.

  3. Dubai’s $5 billion (AED18 billion) moon building in the form of destination resort has been proposed for the Palm Jebel Ali, Michael R. Henderson, the co-founder of Canadian architectural company and intellectual property licensor, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR) told Arabian Business in an exclusive emailed statement on Tuesday.

    Moon Dubai is “currently reimagined on the crescent tip of Palm Jebel Ali,” Henderson said.
    The new Moon resort, which is proposed for the Palm Jebel Ali, will have a height of 305 meters/1000 feet (AGL).

    “Encompassing the Worlds largest sphere with a Diameter of 229 meters / 750ft. Incorporating ‘The Private Residence at Moon Dubai’ will see 500 luxury residential units, an exclusive and truly spectacular Private Members Club, a boutique 100 suite Six Star hotel and our Five Star 4000 suite hotel,” Henderson said.

    He added: “Additionally, 50 plus stunning integrated components await guests, including MOON’s signature attraction delivering the unique ability to walk on the Lunar Surface while exploring an authentic Lunar Colony. Moon Dubai will welcome 10 million annual visitors; that’s a lot of Astronauts.”

  4. ResortsAhoy is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Jul 2019
    After being dormant for over a decade, Developer Nakheel have announced that the Palm Jebel Ali mega project in Dubai is being relaunched due to the high demand for beachfront villas and apartments.
    Investors had purchased 29 properties on the partially completed artificial island before construction was put on hold in 2009 due to the global financial crash which caused property prices to fall by 60 percent.
    Being that the Palm Jebel Ali is one and a half time times the size of the popular Palm Jumeirah, completing construction of the mega project could meet the city’s demand as some reports claim that up to 1,700 beach villas and 6,000 apartments could become available.


  5. Palm Jebel Ali

  6. Until today I wonder what happened to all the Palm Jebel Ali property speculators who put down deposits with Nakheel back in 2006-2008. There's not even a road on the Palm Jebel Ali today.

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    Palm Jebel Ali under construction in July 2006:


  8. Dubaiist is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Palm Jebel Ali as advertised when under construction in 2006:

  9. Dubaiist is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Palm Jebel Ali today (2020):

  10. Palm Jebel Ali in Q1/2020:

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