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مَتْحَف زَايِد ٱلْوَطَنِي
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6 ha
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    Zayed National Museum

  2. Quote Originally Posted by MarkEm View Post
    Would be awesome to see some photos if you are nearby?

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    Visible progress on The Zayed National Museum since it stalled for some time. Vehicles going in and out and construction noise all over.

    Speculating that this is the entrance to the museum. If you check the concept art, the shape of the arc resembles the shape of the red structure. Can anyone provide technical insight on what the huge triangle-shaped crane to the right is about or for?

    Closeup of the entrance (assuming that it is):

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    Saadiyat National Museum status quo:

  5. The pictures below show the halted/abandoned Zayed National Museum. No construction is ongoing atm.

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    I have been trying to find updates for a while now but this is the only sign of life I have seen since the most updated Google maps images which are late 2019.

    Work is ongoing by the looks of it but it doesn't look anything like ready and from the silence I would assume that it's been badly delayed again.

  7. What's the construction status of Zayed National Museum? It looked like fully underway in 2019. Did it come to a halt?

  8. These prominent steel structures alone may appear complex, but the points of intersection between the various systems lie beneath the artificial mound that conceals the concrete podium’s existence. Several galleries alongside five hanging 2,000 m² gallery pods encircle the main lobby area in celebration of Sheikh Zayed and the UAE.
    Aesthetically, the aim was to combine contemporary architecture with the curves and swirls of traditional Arabic design. We enlisted our complex geometry team to aid the design of the free-form wings in particular, manipulating the form using a range of parameters to produce an optimised structure, which maximised its aerodynamic stability and pinpointed areas of weakness. Fabricated steel sections were placed vertically to shape the frames, connected to the circular hollow sections which formed the curved arches.

    In a practical sense, all elements of the building were centred on the need to efficiently provide daylight and cooling in a harsh, arid environment. The wings each serve a separate gallery pod below, but there is no direct connection, allowing a free zone around the circumference through which light can pass. The arches and columns of the podium are carefully moulded to direct the sunlight, providing areas of shade and illumination.

    An innovative air conditioning system also makes use of the ground temperature, drawing fresh air through ground-cooling pipes and then releasing them into the museum’s lobby. As the steel heats up in the sun, the wings begin to act as thermal chimneys and a passive stack effect draws the air currents up through the building.


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