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Local Name:
منتجع قلب أوروبا
Dec 2009
Construction Start:
21 Jan 2014
56 ha
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
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  2. Portofino is the first five-star family-only hotel and resort in the region. It is inspired by the holiday resorts in Portofino, well-known for its picturesque harbour and colourful architecture. The design of Portofino Hotel is similar to the traditional European designs and contemporary Mediterranean architecture.

    The hotel comprises of 3 expansive wings each named after popular Italian terms that evoke the charm of Italy: Bellissima, Dolce Vita, and Felicita. There are 463 sumptuous suites with balconies, 5 swimming pools, including Olympic size pool.

    The resort will showcase 514 aquariums, one for every marine species found in the Arabian Gulf and it will exhibit the first artificial coral reef aquarium in a hotel. Over 1,200 construction workers, technicians, engineers, environmental experts have been working on this project.

    Source: &

  3. Interesting article on how The Heart of Europe aims at being an environmentally sustainable tourist/residential destination.

    Main highlights:
    - 500,000 square meters of Coral Reef
    - Solar Panels installation
    - Completely recycled water supply
    - Rainy Street and Snow Plaza (would be interesting to learn more on these 2 projects and how they are actually going to be sustainable)


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    There are loads of apartments now for sale in this building. Work looks like it's still ongoing and listings are marked as "hand over soon" but no dates mentioned.


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    There is only one Swedish Bentley Palace left for sale, it's the one that has been used for all the press and demo's so not suprising it's the last to be bought but it also has a lot of construction going on right outside your private beach which I guess isn't a huge selling point either!

  6. An informative and interesting video about the Heart of Europe Dubai. It's in German, but you can click auto-translate in the subtitles section.

    "The project, which has been much delayed, not least because of the pandemic, is expected to be finally completed by 2022 and 2023, according to the group’s chairman Josef Kleindienst."


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    Some more apartments advertised for sale on the Cote D Azur island of The Heart of Europe


  9. The video/interview is from 2016.

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