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    This video shows how the islands came about in 2003, really interesting to see construction techniques and understand why some stand dormant still.

  2. Marbella Resort construction is moving ahead on Main Island at Heart of Europe, for a completion end of 2022.

  3. A tour inside one of the Seahorse Villas but also you can see the other construction ongoing in the background of the outside shots.

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  5. Leading property developer Kleindienst Group has announced that it will start handing over the first of the 2,000 residential and hospitality units including the floating villas, mansions and apartments within its $5-billion premium development, The Heart of Europe, in Dubai. According to the developer, the exclusive development on six islands, comprising part of the World Island’s, Dubai, has already drawn investors from across the globe.


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    In an unprecedented move the Heart of Europe developer just increase the prices of the Seahorse Villas from 20m Dirhams to 20m Euros.

    The developer of the Heart of Europe, part of Dubai’s offshore manmade World Islands, has increased prices by 450 percent by simply changing prices from dirhams to euros, in an audacious, headline grabbing move.
    In a statement, the company said the handover of the first 2,000 residential and hospitality units was due to start this month, and said the prices of its ultra-prime villas, mansions, floating villas and apartment units would now increase fourfold.
    Josef Kleindienst, chairman of Kleindienst Group, said: “Our price increase, specifically 4.5 times, marks a turning point for our existing investors as we enter a new phase in the development. “The Heart of Europe has performed very well across the second home and hospitality segments in the last five years; our Phase 1 is getting ready for handover and all islands are now under construction.

  7. The most sought after, by the way, are in “fake Sweden”, which has so far attracted ten billionaires - eight from the Middle East and two from Europe. For critics, however, the venture is just a white elephant, although they are a minority. "People just want to know about new experiences," said journalist Richard Thompson, an expert in the Arab luxury market, to "CNN", explaining why "The World" can already be considered a success.

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