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Diriyah Gate
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700 ha
Diriyah Gate Development Authority
Al Akaria, Binyah
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    Huge developments are in the pipeline for the Diriyah Gate Development Authority before the end of the year.
    Group chief executive officer, Jerry Inzerillo, told Arab News at the Future Investment Initiative forum that Diriyah would see the opening of Al-Bujairi district with 20 new restaurants, and two kilometers of Wadi Hanifah with areas dedicated to jogging and riding.

    In addition, Inzerillo said: “We’re going to be opening up three experience centers, the new community center. We’ll open up the UNESCO World Heritage Site for the whole world. This is in November and December of 2022.”

    He said the developments were a “huge triumph” for the Saudi leadership and that there were more in store for next year. “Then in 2023 we have the first hotel opening and the first museums opening.

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    Renewed as Saudi Arabia’s cultural capital, the historic city of Diriyah will showcase Saudi Arabia’s 300+ years of authentic culture and history by delivering one-of-a-kind inspiring heritage experiences, educational and cultural opportunities, world-class residential living, and outstanding lifestyle offerings to include shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences.
    Located just 20 minutes northwest of Riyadh’s city center, Diriyah will be transformed into one of the world’s foremost lifestyle destinations for culture and heritage, hospitality, retail, and education, and will become one of the world’s great gathering places.

    At the heart of the development is the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site, an iconic mud-brick city, and the home of the First House of the Al Saud family and capital of the First Saudi State, preserved and restored for future generations.
    Under the mandate of Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the project contributes to Vision 2030, by its target of 27 million local and international visitors by 2030. This supports the national tourism strategy which aims to host 100 million worldwide tourists in the Kingdom by 2030.

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    Diriyah Gate

    Status: under construction

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