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  1. Who had the idea back in 2004 to demolish that fountain?

    This probably was Abu Dhabi's #1 landmark and as evident from the images here could have perfectly stayed and played a part of the extended Corniche. Why demolish it? What's there today that has more value than that fountain? Who would greenlight demolishing a city's landmark attraction?

  2. Just before demolition in 2004:

  3. The fountain in its full glory:

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    In the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020, they had an installation which showed old photos of the UAE and I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of the Volcano Fountain there

  5. visitors (...) are sure to forget the Volcano fountain.
    Hm. The writer of that article didn't predict the future.

  6. Article in the Khaleej Times dating back to October 2004, when the Volcano Fountain was demolished:

    Volcano Fountain demolished
    ABU DHABI — One of the scenic landmarks of the capital, the Volcano Fountain on the corniche (above), has been razed to make space for a more picturesque development as part of the ongoing beautification of the corniche.

    By A Staff Reporter
    Published: Sun 3 Oct 2004, 9:26 AM

    The 80-foot-high fountain had been built like a circular pyramid with a flight of steps from the four sides going up the six platforms to the fountain on the top. During evenings the fountain would turn into a pleasant spectacle with coloured lights on as the water cascades down.

    For visitors as well as foreign tourist, the volcano used to be a popular spot to be photographed. It was also an all-purpose a rendezvous for everybody. It also provided an opportunity for freelance photographers with their pollarides.

    However, once the entire upgrading and beautification of the corniche is over, visitors will see a more spectacular surroundings running from the Sheraton to the Hilton and are sure to forget the Volcano fountain.

  7. Volcano Fountain – a humble call to bring it back

    Any expat or Emirati family who was here before it was demolished in 2004 remembers the 80 foot fountain right by the Gulf. It was common to see families relaxing while the kids ran around the fountain or friends met to catch up. For many years, the Volcano Fountain which got the name from its cone – like shape and the electric lights that looked like lava at night was the place for National Day festivities and other traditional events, a part of the heritage and culture and a prime spot for visitors to the UAE. However, it was removed during the expansion of the Corniche and so far has not found a place in the new scheme of developments in the capital.

    Many in Abu Dhabi especially those who grew up seeing the fountain miss it. But one man has decided to take the initiative to bring this beautiful fountain back. Ramesh Menon, an Indian who works in the capital, has sent a petition to the authorities in Abu Dhabi asking them to find the right place to restore this grand monument to the city. “This will make a difference in Abu Dhabi; it will keep a lot of memories alive and attract various people. There are many who have taken interest and joined in this petition. As lovers of this country, tradition, and historical growth, we all want the Volcano Fountain to be restored, rebuilt anywhere in the new Corniche or any other befitting place in Abu Dhabi, says Menon. “How can we forget that Abu Dhabi was synonymous with this fountain until 2004, and now it’s gone,” Menon reminds us who has been in the city for decades.

    A committee is currently looking into the situation, and Menon is working to spread the message and gain more support to ensure that his mission succeeds.

  8. Please bring back the much-beloved volcano fountain – demolished in 2004 – so both the children of today and the past can gather there once again!!


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