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    Construction of Terminal 5 at Changi Airport, Singapore, is expected to begin in 2025, the government of Singapore has announced.


  2. Since this Singapore, they already found an abbreviation for their yet-to-be-built new urban district. CEUD. Nice.

  3. MarkEm is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Singapore Changi Terminal 5 is expected to open in the mid-2030s, and will be a new mega-terminal at the airport. Terminal 5 will have the capacity to serve 50 million passengers per year, more than the capacity of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 combined.
    Since we’re talking about Singapore here, the new terminal won’t just be a destination for people who are flying. The development will also include the construction of the new Changi East Urban District (CEUD), which will be a business and lifestyle destination. I guess we should expect something along the lines of The Jewel.


  4. mrg
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    Terminal 5 (T5) will be located within the 1,080-hectare Changi East development, and will be able to handle about 50 million passenger movements per year. T5 will be designed with the flexibility to be built in two phases, in line with traffic growth, and is expected to be operational around the mid-2030s. It will secure Singapore’s capacity to ride on the long-term growth of aviation, strengthening Changi Airport’s position as a premier air hub for the region and beyond, and ensuring that future generations of Singaporeans can continue to benefit from Changi’s global connectivity.

    T5 will reinforce Changi Airport’s status as a national icon and ensure that the airport will continue to be a place of shared experiences across generations of Singaporeans, where precious memories are forged with friends and family.

    Drawing on lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic, T5 has been designed with the flexibility to operate as smaller sub-terminals when needed. Specialised provisions to reduce the transmission of diseases will also be deployed in T5, including contactless systems at passenger touchpoints and enhanced ventilation systems.

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    This is the most recent construction image I can find from an article in May 2022 but I am not 100% sure if that's a very recent image.


  6. Any recent construction pics?

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  8. Following a two-year pause due to “pandemic-fuelled uncertainties”, plans are back underway for the development for a mammoth fifth terminal which it hopes will serve 50 million passengers alone upon completion.

    Construction of T5 is primed to begin in the next two years with a view to opening the shiny new hub around the mid-2030s. A real show of strength as the country continues to adapt to the impacts caused by COVID-19, it will also allay fears for anyone who believed that the expansion had been shelved indefinitely.
    Set on a 1,080ha site as part of the Changi East project, T5 will not only deliver three extra runways and tunnelling systems to the precincts but also provide the airport with over 100 additional departure gates. This will go some way to deal with an expected 135 million passengers annually by 2030 — by comparison, in 2019 the airport had a footfall of 68 million passengers.
    There are numerous reasons to be excited about the prospect of what could be on offer. Considering the Changi is already home to the world’s largest slide in an airport and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, who knows what could feature here? We imagine the world’s biggest duty-free Toberlone bar just won’t cut it.

    The relaunch of the Terminal 5 build should be music to the ears of millions of business travellers, too, what with Singapore continuing to vie with China as one of the world’s leading financial hubs, as this recent study shows. Those who’ve flown through Changi will know just what a sleek colossus it is. Even without T5, it’s already one of the best airports on earth and soon enough it’s going to get even better. 2035 might sound like a lifetime away, but let’s not forget London Heathrow (LHR) T5 took the better part of a decade to complete after beginning in 2002.

  9. Judging from how beautifully-themed and cozy the existing Changi terminals and the newly-added Jewel are, this new monster of an airport might well turn into the world's most sought after transit 'destination'!

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