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Local Name:
Приморская интегрированная развлекательная зона
Construction Start:
619 ha
Diamond Fortune Holdings, NagaCorp, Primorsky Krai Development Corp, Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd
Melco Group, NagaCorp, Oriental Regent Ltd
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
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    Oct 2020

    Russia’s planned version of the Las Vegas Strip will finally open its second resort, the Casino Shambhala. Operations will commence this Friday, Oct. 16.
    The casino cost RUB3.5bn ($45m)?and offers the players 56,000 square feet of gaming space, as well as three dining locations and a theatre.

    The second phase of the construction should begin in 2022; with the additional construction, the project should cost RUB8bn ($11.5m) in total and will include several hotels, a conference hall, a golf course, and even amusement and water parks.

  2. ModernTimes is offline Curious Chap
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    Jun 2020
    Shambhala casino is almost completed and due to open as early as this summer!

  3. ModernTimes is offline Curious Chap
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    Jun 2020
    Infrastructure construction is in full swing. These roads will connect Tigre De Cristal with the Shambhala and Naga resorts. Adjacent to the two latter is a beautiful beach which is already in use by the locals.

  4. ModernTimes is offline Curious Chap
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    Naga Vladivostok appears to be on hold. There is no construction activity on site. Maybe due to the coronavirus lockdown? Naga is a Cambodian company and all commercial flights in and out of Russia have been cancelled since end of March.

  5. Construction on the roads connecting the two new casinos has commenced.

  6. Shambhala Vladivostok concept art:


  7. The Agency for attracting investments and export support expects that the second casino in the integrated entertainment resort area of ??Primorye, the Shambhala hotel and entertainment complex, will open in the summer of 2020, the IPA press service reports.

    “The opening of the first phase of the Shambhala hotel and entertainment complex in the Primorye Integrated Entertainment Resort Area (IRKZ) is expected this summer. The official opening will take place in the second half of 2020. In the first stage, the company will recruit about 500 staff. The construction work has been fully completed at the facility, and finishing is underway”, the report said.

    According to the investor, by 2022 Shambhala will also include a hotel, conference and banquet halls, a sports complex, spa and shopping areas.

    This is the second casino in the Primorye IRKZ. It is built by a resident of the free port, Shambhala CJSC. Now, in addition to the existing complex Tigre de Cristal casino, a four-star hotel complex (Naga Vladivostok) with a water park and casino is being created in the gambling zone, the opening is scheduled for 2020. Also, work is underway to create a hotel and casino complex called Selena and another project with the name 'Sun' is being designed.

  8. Naga is delayed big time.

    Meanwhile, Hong Kong-listed casino operator NagaCorp said in its 2019 annual report that Naga Vladivostok, its integrated resort project in the Primorye zone, is likely to open in the second half of 2021.

    “We anticipate that our Vladivostok project will open in summer 2021,” said Tim McNally, the company’s chairman.

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    Naga Vladivostok construction. Moving somewhat slow, if at all, given that work on Shambhala started later than Naga.

  10. So what does the progress on Naga look like?

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