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Приморская интегрированная развлекательная зона
Construction Start:
619 ha
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    The six sectors on the map refer to street construction. Sector 1-3 are completed, sector 4-6 under construction. Tigre de Cristal is in sector 3, Shambhala in sector 6, and Naga Vladivostok in sector 4.

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    General impressions.

    View from Tigre de Cristal casino:

    Road leading from Tigre de Cristal to the construction sites of Shambhala and Naga:

    Shambhala on the left, Naga on the right:

    Beach adjacent to the two new casinos:

    Ugolshchik dacha area at the entrance of Primorye Integrated Entertainment Zone:

    Take a look:

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    I'll be posting updates these next days.

    Shambhala construction:

  4. Naga Vladivostok billboard:

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    Google satellite imagery dated Q1/2020.



    Tigre de Cristal:

    Entire area:

  6. Shambhala update as of 12 March 2020:

    The Primorye Territory Development Corporation has confirmed that the second gambling facility in the gambling zone will be opened by May, with the investor currently completing construction work.

    The RUB8 billion (US$110 million) Shambhala facility is by far the fastest developing project in the zone’s territory, according to Primorye Territory Development Corporation, Olga Sun-zhayu.

    “At the beginning of March, the investor carries out installation and setting up of equipment, as well as installation of internal and external engineering networks. The installation of a gas boiler room, transformer substations, and waste treatment facilities has been completed,” the corporation noted.

    Inside the building, finishing work on all floors is being carried out. The supply of furniture and finishing materials, equipment (wallpaper, marble, carpets, gambling and stage equipment) has been fully completed, and the assembly and installation of kitchen equipment is in progress. The investor will start work on laying carpeting in early April.

    At the same time, specialists are engaged in facade work – they insulate walls, lay the final coating, mount decorative elements, complete the stained-glass frames, finish glazing and cladding with travertine.

    “At the construction site, 30 contractors are working simultaneously with the established shift or round-the-clock. Ten units of construction equipment are involved, 280 people work,” said the corporation.

    Imperial announcement as of 23 June 2019:

    In the Primorsky Territory official website informs about new hotel and casino Imperial project, which is planned to be built in gambling zone “Primorye” by the fall of 2020. Local officials expect that the gambling zone will generate at least 3.5 billion rubles annually after 2025.

    Imperial will be the fourth project with a casino to be built in Primorye alongside with with Tigre de Cristal, Naga Vladivostok and Shambhala. According to Diamond Fortune’s CEO Alexander Mishkitblit, Imperial is an existing project of the company, formerly known as Selena.

    Imperial project is a hotel with at least 360 rooms. The casino will be equipped with 50 tables and 300 slot machines, including a common gaming room, a room for high rollers, and a VIP room.

    Thus, in addition to the casino, the project includes the author’s restaurant, a food court with Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisines, a night club with an area of ??more than 1,500 square meters, a SPA area with an area of ??more than 1,000 “squares” with a 25-meter pool and two VIP zones, shopping areas with premium brand stores.

    The deadline for the first stage of the project is scheduled for autumn 2020. The investment is more than 250 million US dollars.

  7. Tigre de Cristal:

    Shambhala (almost open):

    Naga Vladivostok:

    Imperial (will be next):

  8. The next two casinos to open in the gambling zone are:

    1. Shambhala Vladivostok
    2. Naga Vladivostok

    In that order.

    The second casino in Russia’s Primorye gambling zone is due to begin operations as soon as March 2020, according to the director-general of the Primorye Territory Development Corporation in an interview with state news agency TASS.

    “At the moment, the investor (Shambhala CJSC) has already completed construction and installation works and started to decorate the interior. The official opening of the gambling and entertainment complex will take place in the spring of 2020. At the first stage, the company will recruit up to 500 employees,” Olga Sun-zhayu told TASS.

    According to the investor’s project, until 2022 the Shambhala complex will also get a hotel, a sports complex, a spa area, and a shopping area.

    In general, the project involves two phases of construction: at the first stage, the construction of a gambling and entertainment complex with an area of ??more than 28,000 square meters.

    The second stage, which includes the hotel complex and entertainment facilities, will take about three years to complete, after which, in 2022, the buildings will be merged into a single gaming and entertainment complex.

    “Shambhala” stands on a hill, and therefore guests will have a beautiful view of Muravyinaya Bay and Cherepashye Lake,” Olga Sun-zhayu noted.

    Another investment project, Naga Vladivostok hotel and entertainment complex, which includes an 11-story hotel building with a casino, is also expected to start operating in 2020.

  9. Hong Kong-listed, Cambodian-owned Naga Corp is building one of them.

    Here are pictures of one of their Cambodian properties, in the capital Phnom Penh:

  10. On March 23, casino operator NagaCorp Ltd announced through their 2019 annual report that they still intend to open their far east Russian casino, but it’ll only be ready in 2021. This news comes on the heels of news that the company showed a sizable profit increase in 2019.

    According to Tim McNally, chairman of the Hong Kong-listed firm, “We anticipate that our Vladivostok project will open in summer 2021.” The casino will be located in the Primorye Integrated Entertainment Zone in Primorsky Krai, near the Russian Pacific port of Vladivostok.

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