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Local Name:
Construction Start:
May 2020
66 ha
China Jinmao Holdings Limited
Ride Suppliers:
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    The main arch of the Storm Forest Biome is now complete.
    Eden Project International chief executive, David Harland, said:

    “It’s fantastic to see Eden Project Qingdao taking shape. We are hugely grateful for the hard work of the construction team and all of our partners in China. It has been a long journey to get to this point and one in which we have had to overcome various challenges, not least a global pandemic, but hitting this milestone is testament to the talent and dedication of everyone working on this project. We’re really excited that the Eden Project’s international ambitions are shaping up so nicely. With our Qingdao project due to open in 2023 and our new UK bases in Morecambe and Dundee set to open the following year, this is a hugely exciting period for Eden.”

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    Eden Project Qingdao is set to open in 2023

    Construction work on the Eden Project Qingdao visitor attraction in China has reached a major milestone. The main truss of the large, single biome of the project has now been topped out.

    Photos of construction were posted in the article published on October 21, 2021

    The £150m (US$213m, €170.8m) attraction, designed by Grimshaw Architects, will follow the theme of water and will feature the world’s largest indoor waterfall – roughly the same size as Niagara Falls at 50m (164ft) high.


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    Eden Qingdao introduces a new member of the Eden Project family that focuses on water and its vital role in life on Earth. Aimed at entertaining, educating and inspiring a diverse audience from around China and the world, Eden Qingdao will bring a unique cultural experience to China that blends science, art, education and entertainment. Highlights will include the largest indoor rainforest in the world as well as world-class water gardens, both indoors and outdoors.

    Visitors to Eden Project Qingdao will journey through dramatic landscapes of extreme aridity and water abundance, surrounded by theatrical performances and interactive installations. These will explore different aspects of water from the microscopic life forms in one drop of water to the thunderclaps of a storm cloud.

    Themed around water, the £150 million park will feature the world's largest indoor waterfall. At more than 50 meters high the waterfall will be approximately the same height as Niagara Falls.
    Grimshaw Architects' Eden Project in Qingdao will feature the world's tallest indoor waterfall

    The park will be built on an area of reclaimed land originally used for salt production at the confluence of two rivers in the coastal city, where an angular International cruise terminal recently opened.

    Qingdao or so-called Chinese Switzerland is considered one of the most favorable cities for life in China. Qingdao Eden will provide the residents with eco-tourism, recreation, and cultural activities.

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    In May 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held in Qingdao (with Eden staff attending virtually due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions) and work on the site has been ongoing since then. Eden Project Qingdao is set to open in 2023.

  6. MsX
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    For comparison, the Eden Project that opened in Cornwall, England, back in 2001:


  7. It looks a bit like Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.

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    Eden Project Qingdao was the first Eden Project to be announced outside Cornwall. It will be themed around water, showing that it is the life blood of nature, culture and civilisation.

    Key information
    Where: Qingdao, Shandong province, China
    Working with: China Jinmao Holdings Limited
    How much: £150m
    When: 2023


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    Eden Project Qingdao

    Status: open/announced

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