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  1. Any updates?

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    Pictures from this month from the yet-to-open main access road:

  3. That Abu Dhabi new terminal saga exceedingly resembles the history of Berlin Brandenburg airport, which opened 8 years late. Abu Dhabi is now 6 years behind schedule.

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    Scoured the internet for updates on the Midfield terminal project after the drone strike and fire in January, and was only able to find activity on LinkedIn. A quick search reveals people are being hired for jobs in the Midfield terminal, and this image posted by a former MEP project director on April 17, 2022 entitled "ABU DHABI Midfield Passenger Terminal Steel Structure." It's an old photo because he didn't work there after 2017 and the google satellite image shows that part has been completed. It looks fairly complete on the outside so hopefully an opening date will be coming soon.

    Nothing else on the internet...

    MEP project director LinkedIn photo (old) entitled "ABU DHABI Midfield Passenger Terminal Steel Structure" posted April 17, 2022:


    Google Earth satellite image as of April 20, 2022:

  5. That was a Yemeni rebel drone attack. Indeed hit the Midfield Terminal.

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    According to this news article, a minor fire broke out in the construction site just today.

    According to the Emirates News Agency, a minor fire also broke out in the new construction area of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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    No movement or visible activity on the site:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Stunning! Are these recent photos?
    Probably not. I have insider info that only the outer part of the site is being worked on, apparently the interior is almost complete and has been for some time now, even before they switched contractors. Anyone who has more recent info can correct me on that.

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