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  1. Here is how the Pirates of Buccaneer Bay show used to look like:

  2. Treasure Island's Buccaneer Bay immediately became an iconic part of Las Vegas' entertainment landscape upon its debut in October 1993. In 2003, it was replaced by poorly-received 'The Sirens of T.I.'. Before Sirens was officially retired in 2013, Legacy Entertainment was engaged in a Blue Sky exercise to look at ways to reduce operating costs of the complimentary attraction. One proposed solution, seen here in this Concept Art, was to re-imagine the production as a battle between pirates and a haunted ghost ship. While both incarnations had been iconic for their sinking ship effect, this concept would have reversed this iconic moment, with the shipwreck rising out of the tides before being populated by ghost pirates by means of projection mapping and hologram-style effects.

  3. While industry insiders are aware of Legacy Entertainment's long relationship with entertainment giant Cirque du Soleil, lesser known is their collaboration with another French-Canadian live entertainment producer, Cavalia. Like Cirque, Cavalia turned to Legacy to help explore the location based entertainment sector, focusing on projects in Las Vegas and the Middle East. For Las Vegas, the teams explored the option of transforming existing properties, or portions of existing properties, into Cavalia-themed integrated resorts. Each resort design included a permanent venue for an expanded version of Cavalia's world-renowned horse show.

  4. Legacy Entertainment's 2007 re-design of Las Vegas' Tropicana for then-owner Columbia Sussex would have featured a highly-immersive retail promenade. Running through it was the 'Journey to Paradise' boat ride, which would have meandered through the retail zone before dropping into the attractions show scenes in the area currently occupied by the casino.

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    Apparently construction is still ongoing on Circa Resort and Casino.

    America JR's Jason Rzucidlo recently visited the site of the all-new Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Construction was designed as an essential industry by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak so the building continues to take shape.


  6. Just prior to 'the great recession', Legacy Entertainment collaborated with Columbia Sussex, then owner of Las Vegas' iconic Tropicana Resort, to completely re-imagine the property. Had it been realized, Tropicana would have boasted over 10,000,000 hotel rooms, the most elaborately-themed retail zone on the Strip, and even an immersive boat ride. Seen here are Legacy Entertainment's design for the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Avenue. This multi-level complex would have housed a number of dining and shopping venues, as well as a brief outdoor segment of the boat ride.

  7. After more than a dozen workers tested positive for COVID-19, officials will carry out “targeted, on-site voluntary” testing for the coronavirus at Allegiant Stadium next week, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    Allegiant Stadium, located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, is set to open this fall for the Raiders’ first season in the city after moving from Oakland. Despite the global pandemic and the city shutting down non-essential businesses, including casinos, construction on the new jet-black stadium has continued.


  8. I am seeing news that construction is still happening in Las Vegas for the new Raider's Allegiant Stadium but can't find anything about resort construction? Does anyone know if any resort construction is still ongoing?

  9. Construction on The Drew was meant to kick off fully in March but has obviously been delayed by Coronavirus. There has been some construction up until that point so you can see progress coming along but this is going to put a big dent in the budget and construction timeline.

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