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Local Name:
جزيرة وصل
19 Mar 2017
Construction Start:
10 Jun 2019
10 ha
wasl Asset Management Group
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. As the construction supervisor said the work is ongoing (pic 1). Lorries are leaving the site form time to time (pic 2). He also confirmed that the info on the board (at the entrance) is correct except for the 12/2021 date (pic 3). Even though it seems like there is nothing going on when we take a look at the construction from the outside (pic 4) we all know the truth now

  2. Mirage global offers a different picture of the completed Island by Wasl project to what was proposed earlier by Vice President and Prime minister of UAE and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The difference is in the centrical red circle structure. It is no longer on top of the central construction but positioned lower in between the surrounding hotel buildings. Also the color proposed is different. Now it's illustrated as blue, not red.

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    Current construction update:

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    Went to the construction site of The Island by Wasl and I got to take some construction photos from the public beach and mall nearby

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    Google Earth is updated and now has images from March 2021.

  6. More from that same announcement....

    The bidders for the main contract include ALEC Engineering & Contracting, Arabian Construction Company, ASGC Construction, Belhasa Six Construct and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (Middle East), officials from these companies confirmed with Zawya Projects.

    The scope of work involves the construction of a beachfront hotel with 1,400 rooms and apartments, 10 villas, a theatre, retail shops, museums, a beach club and food and beverage facilities, the source said.
    Dubai-based Wasl Hospitality and Leisure, a subsidiary of Wasl Asset Management Group, is expected to award the main construction contract for its MGM Resort, Bellagio and Aria Hotel near Burj Al Arab, Dubai, by mid of first quarter 2021, according to a source close to the project.

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