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Local Name:
07 Sep 2013
Construction Start:
20 ha
LHW, Minyoun Hospitality
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  1. Nadezhda is offline New User
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    May 2022
    The Silk Road tourist center situated along the rowing channel in Samarkand district is expected to open its gate in 2022. A congress-hall, eight hotels, Eternal City complex, recreation area and other facilities will attract tourists from all over the world.

    The facility estimated at $353 million is being built in Uzbekistan on the coast of the rowing channel taking up 212 ha of land. It comprises a two-storey congress center, hotels and a recreation area with restaurants, shopping malls, an amphitheater, as well as a volcano, artificial rivers, lakes and ponds.


  2. To support the growth in tourism for Samarkand the international airport has been renovated and significantly expanded. The airport is approximately 15km from the new developement.

    The new terminal will be able to serve 1,000 passengers per hour up from 350, while the annual passenger traffic is projected to jump from 460,000 to two million a year, upon completion of the expansion. The flight handling capacity is also expected to increase from 40 to 120 aircraft a week.
    The project cost for the reconstruction reached US$130 million, with a rebuild of the runway completed in October 2021, and the construction of a new terminal just finished. Additional road infrastructure, parking and lighting system are also now being finished.

  3. AlinaFatykhova is offline Curious Chap
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    Silk Road Samarkand is still under active construction, however, its doors are promised to open to the first tourists already in the Spring of 2022. The site was inspected in March of 2022 by Shavkat Mirziyoyey, the President of Uzbekistan and official reports suggests that;
    Pedestrian areas with grass and trees, open public spaces, sports fields, and bike paths will become available to visitors in the second half of 2022.

    According to the most recent information which dates from 11 March 2022 these are the updates:
    1.The Rowing Canal is expanding on the bank of which 8 hotels have been fully built. The decoration and establishment of communications are underway.
    2. One of the hotels, Samarkand Regency Amir Temur, has become the first hotel in Central Asia that is part of the LHW group and will be supervised by Deborah Haines as the Cluster General Manager,
    3. The two other hotels Silk Road and Stars of Ulugbek Lia both will be supervised by the world renown hotelier Minyoun Hospitality,
    4.Another 4 Boutique Wellness Part Hotels are underway with a medical-sanatorium approach, specialising in healthcare and spa services,
    5. The Eternal City is almost ready to open it's doors, which will have restaurants that serve traditional Uzbek food and shops.
    6. The Congress building is completely built with entertainment halls and VIP rooms for events

    Aerial view of the construction site in 2022;


  4. Leona is offline Park Investigator
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    Apr 2022
    Silk Road Samarkand, unique tourist oasis not just of Uzbekistan but the entire Central Asia, will open for visitors this autumn, as the official sources say.

    This multifunctional tourist complex built on abandoned corn fields with ex-USSR national team rowing canal as its center is now getting its shape. The construction of 8 world-class hotels on the banks of the Rowing canal has already been fully completed, and the finishing works and commissioning of engineering communications are now underway. The canal itself is being currently cleared.

    The Eternal City and Congress Center are fully erected.

    The complex is now actively hiring staff.

    Sources: ,

  5. KaterinaZorina is offline Curious Chap
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    Apr 2022
    Accoring to the post on the Silk Road Samarkand official Instagram page from 16th of March they are on the final stage of preparations for opening:

    We are clearing the Rowing Canal, on the bank of which the construction of 8 hotels has already been fully completed, and the finishing works and commissioning of engineering communications are currently underway.

    And a mixed video of animation and real view of construction progress at The Eternal City:

  6. Assol Perera is offline New User
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    Feb 2022

    The new complex is located in the eastern part of Samarkand on an area of more than 260 hectares. There will be hotels,parks,recreation areas,restaurants, cafes and bars, objects of cultural significance.
    The southern cluster includes four boutique hotels, medical facilities as well as an eco village, the Eternal city historical and ethnographic complex, and shopping areas.
    As a result, the resort will have eight hotels in total, four each on the southern and northern parts of the rowing canal, as well as a complex of villas near the Eternal City


  7. Alina is offline Curious Chap
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    Feb 2022
    Active construction is underway on the territory of the Silk Road Samarkand. It is scheduled for opening in the Q1 2022. The complex includes various zones for business, entertainment and cultural purposes.

    One of the key projects is the Eternal City historical and ethnographic complex, which recreates the image of an ancient eastern city - a kind of Uzbekistan in miniature.

    Another zone is an eco-village. By spring 2022, the creators promise to plant a garden city, which will be the only arboretum in Uzbekistan. 180 hectares will be planted with greenery. Trees were brought from different countries.

    One of the features of Silk Road Samarkand is an artificial volcano with a pool.


  8. The total cost of the project is estimated at 353 million dollar. To date, work has been completed for 726.3 billion soums (67 million dollars). It is planned to put the facility into operation in the first quarter of 2022.

    The client is Samarkand Touristic Center, the designer is Turkish Arup, and the contractor is Singapore's Enter Engineering. Bakhtiyor Fazylov, entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board of the oilfield services company, Eriell Group (it was reported that he is also the main shareholder) and Enter Engineering (one of the largest EPC contractors in Uzbekistan, Gazprombank is among the shareholders) owns 60% of the company’s shares, the remaining 40% is owned by NBU Samarkand Invest.

    The owner of the trademarks Silk Road Touristic Centre, Marakanda Group Hotel, and Savitsky Plaza is Samarkand Touristic Centre.

  9. This looks like Ashgabat in Turkmenistan or Putrajaya in Malaysia.

    More like a government city than an entertainment zone.

  10. SiteSeeing101 is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Nov 2021
    More concept art of the planned complex:


    Google Earth discloses that most of the buildings are already on the rise:

    Source: Google Earth

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