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NEOM - Trojena
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03 Mar 2022
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  1. MarkEm is online now resortX Top Investigator
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    Marriott International and NEOM have announced the signing of an agreement with the futuristic city to open two luxury properties in Trojena, NEOM’s mountain destination.

    The W Hotel in Trojena will feature 236 guest rooms, including 47 suites, with views of the mountains and a freshwater lake.
    The hotel will also include signature brand spaces such as a Living Room, WET Deck, W Lounge, AWAY Spa and FIT fitness center. W Hotel at Trojena will also feature four dining destinations and ample retail space.
    The property will be located at the region’s Lake Village which, also includes a 2.8-kilometre-long architectural lake.
    The Lake Village will also house a wide range of retail and dining offerings, fresh food and shopping markets and entertainment areas.

    In addition, the JW Marriott Hotel in Trojena will be situated in The Bow, which is expected to be a futuristic water world combining nature with technology to make for a unique living environment.
    The hotel will feature 500 luxury rooms and suites, and entertainment and recreational offerings such as a ballroom, meeting spaces, five dining venues, a fitness club, a kids club, swimming pools and a spa.

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    Saudi Arabia has initiated plans to submit a bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, proposing the inclusion of the NEOM giga-development in the northeastern region of the country as one of the venues.
    According to The Times, the original idea of co-hosting the tournament in 2030 with Egypt and Greece has been abandoned, and Saudi Arabia is now focusing on a solo bid for the 2034 World Cup.

    As part of its bid, Saudi Arabia envisions hosting matches within the NEOM project, potentially at the Trojena ski resort, which has already secured the rights to host the 2029 Winter Games.

    The mountainous resort and other high-altitude locations in the country are being considered for hosting games in a summer tournament. Alternatively, a winter tournament, similar to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, could also be an option.

    Minor Hotels, a hotel owner, operator and investor, currently with a portfolio of 530 hotels and resorts in 56 countries across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Indian Ocean, announces the expansion of its luxury Anantara brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its upcoming debut in Trojena, the unique year-round mountain destination in NEOM.
    The new 270-key Anantara resort will offer a selection of guest rooms and suites, including some with private pools, and all with spectacular lake or mountain views. Dining options will include two specialty restaurants, an all-day dining restaurant with a show kitchen, a café and high tea lounge, in addition to a rooftop majlis café.

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    1. The Lake: It is the most important. Here, you can enjoy various water leisure sports, and you can see at a glance from the residential facilities and residences to be built here.

    2. The Bow: Various events such as conferences, concerts, sports and entertainment competitions, and international conferences can be held.
    3. The Observatory: It functions like an observatory and offers the best view from the highest point.

    4. Ski Village: Since it is located at an altitude of 2,400m above sea level and the temperature drops below 0℃ in winter, it will be a space where you can enjoy winter sports and this will be the core area where the Asian Winter Games will be held in 2029.

    5. The Ultra-Luxury Mansions: It will be a facility for tourists and ordinary residents to live as a high-end residence built on the Late side.

    6. The Wildlife Reserve: We will build a complex resort where you can enjoy and experience nature as it is, a little away from the city, and provide not only artificial facilities but also a nature-friendly space.

    7. The Vault: Starts from The Lake and creates an underground space along a narrow canyon to the exterior of the mountain, where the world beyond can be seen. It seems that a new space that has not been experienced will be born. It is fantastic, and the real world and digital technology are combined to provide an experience of harmony between nature and technology.

    With more than 3,600 hotel rooms to be built, TROJENA will be ready to welcome tourists as early as 2026. The mountain will offer visitors more activities spread across its four seasons: Wellness (Sep-Nov), Winter (Dec-Mar), Adventure (Mar-May), and Lake (May-Sep)

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  5. NEOM Mountain Wall Palace

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    #NEOM also released a progress film in January 2023 showing drone footage of large scale work taking place across all 4 of NEOM’s mega project sites (SINDALAH, TROJENA, The Line, and OXAGON).

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    TROJENA will be the new global destination for mountain tourism and ski resort. This $500 billion development, part of a larger NEOM project, is a-round tourist spot that offers unique wintery experiences that those in desert climates in the Gulf region would likely never have had before locally.

    As with the larger NEOM project, TROJENA construction is in line with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals. The new tourism site will combine environmental sustainability with economic and community development. By 2030, it is anticipated that the venture will bring 10,000 jobs and will generate SAR3 billion for the Kingdom.

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  9. MarkEm is online now resortX Top Investigator
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    The video doesn't say but it looks like this is some of the Trojena construction. Does anyone know for sure?

  10. AJ
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    Saudi has just announced another development called The Vault, a vertically built project as opposed to Neom's horizontal project, the Line. The Vault will be located in the mountains of Trojena and will act as the gateway into the project.

    Upon completion, Neom’s The Vault will be the gateway to Trojena. The project will be 198 metres high, 253 metres wide, 864 metres long and cover a total area of 200,000 square metres. The concept pitches itself as a folding village that fuses together entertainment, hospitality and technology. We’re talking augmented reality, the metaverse and virtual reality.

    Neom’s The Vault aims to include 450 residences, and 1,000 hotel rooms, ranging from four to five-star properties. Plus, 13,000 square metres will be filled with retail and restaurants. Visitors will also find an auditorium, digital museum, Expo venue, offices, VR gaming and workshops.

    The Vault aims to support Neom’s core principles, such as sustainability and the preservation of land. The project prides itself on its fresh approach to building a city, as it is designed to minimise land take and maximise walkability.


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