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NEOM - The Line
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    More images of saudi Arabias Linear Megacity

    Design plan for the 500-meter tall parallel structures, The Line.


  2. Ana
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    The Mirror Line, or The Linear City, was announced to be built by 2030. It will be equipped with housing, hotels, retail, commercial spaces and a stadium. The inward-facing building will look like a huge mirror among the desert and also contain vertical farms to provide citizens with food.

    Here are some freshly posted photos to look and amaze at:

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    It looks like plans have changed from interconnected buildings along the line to building single massive buildings along the line instead. They will be the the world's largest buildings is this plan goes ahead.

    Saudi Arabia is planning the world's largest buildings in a mostly unpopulated part of the country as part of an entirely new $500 billion development called Neom, according to people familiar with the matter. Neom, the brainchild of Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman, aims to build twin skyscrapers about 1,640 feet tall that stretch horizontally for dozens of miles, the people said.

    The skyscrapers would house a mix of residential, retail and office space running from the Red Sea coast into the desert, the people said, asking not to be identified as the information is private. The plan is a shift from the concept announced last year of building a string of developments linked by underground hyper-speed rail, into a long continuous structure, the people said.
    "When people talk about The Line, they see a futuristic Hyperloop, Star Wars type of entity," said Ali Shihabi, a member of Neom's advisory board. "But when The Line was presented to the board, I saw a highly intelligent, well thought-out sustainable modern city that will accommodate from laborers to billionaires and that will be built in stages, so it will follow demand."

  4. A car-free modern city will indeed change the world.

    NEOM's location at the doorstep of Israel, Jordan and Egypt is an advantage too. Much closer to Europe.

    Come 5-7 years and we'll all forget about Dubai.

  5. Some changes of designer and options for how "The Line" will work seem to be afoot.

    Saudi Arabia adds Morphosis to project team for its NEOM smart city megaproject
    The Line, as the car-free linear city that will form the backbone of Neom is known, could cost up to $200 billion to build, the prince said last year, though that was before the plan changed to include gigantic horizontal buildings. The buildings would be “different heights as you go,” adapting to the landscape, with their final size determined by engineering considerations and the terrain, Al-Nasr said. — Bloomberg
    The OPEC nation has thus far been mum as to the new plan’s details but says it will be funded in part through an increase in surplus revenues overseen by the Public Investment Fund, which is managed by NEOM’s CEO Al-Nasr. It is yet unclear whether Bechtel, who previously signed on their servicesfor the then-estimated $500 billion venture’s light rail and utility systems, will remain on for the project’s updated version, wherein Morphosis and designer Thom Mayne will deliver two parallel 1,640-foot-tall structures said to stretch from the Red Sea into the desert ar lengths of up to half a mile.

  6. THE LINE: Work begins on Saudi Arabia’s 170-km vehicle-free city

    Saudi Arabia has started construction on a unique 170-kilometer (100-mile) pedestrian-friendly city designed in a perfectly straight line that will link the Red Sea coast with the mountains and upper valleys of the kingdom's northwest.

    The city project, aptly named THE LINE, is designed in layers, with a nature-friendly, vehicle-free top layer for pedestrians only and two subterranean levels for infrastructure and ultra-fast transportation.

    The linear metropolis’s layout will offer all of the residents’ daily needs within a five-minute walk, and the subterranean levels will connect four regions with a maximum 20-minute commute with the aim of developing the kingdom’s remote northwest Red Sea coast by creating a state-of-the-art tech hub.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, NEOM CEO Nadhimi al-Nasr said the project is “a huge undertaking” in its beginning stages, with around 1% so-far complete.

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    A glimpse into the future of mobility. Florian Lennert, Head of Mobility at #NEOM, discusses what that future will look like on THE LINE at NEOM through exciting and sustainable innovations that will transform the way to get around in communities with no cars and streets.

  8. Video has been removed - link:

    Watch Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development Officer at #NEOM discussing how walkability forms part of the DNA of THE LINE. In his interview, Vives comments on how THE LINE is a human, livable model of urban design, free from the legacy infrastructure that today's cities are bound by, allowing people and planet to live in harmony.

  9. This week, Neom’s president of technology and digital, Joseph Bradley, describes his vision for the futuristic city. “What you’re going to do is way more valuable than what you’ve done,” he tells co-host Kelsey Warner, describing how artificial intelligence will underpin some of the biggest plans for the $500 billion megaproject. “The power of prediction creates new and exciting possibilities.”

    It is the first interview with Mr Bradley since Neom’s chairman, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, announced plans for The Line – Neom’s first major development to be brought forward within the city. The 170-kilometre network of communities will be connected by subterranean passenger and freight transport networks, removing the need for cars and roads at ground level. Listen to Mr Bradley describe daily life for what he calls “Neomians”.

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