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Disney's Lighthouse Point
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25 Jul 2019
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Jun 2024
304 ha
Disney Cruise Line
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    Environment and Natural Resources Minister Vaughn Miller said yesterday that while he supports the Disney Lighthouse Point project, he is still “very concerned” about its potential environmental impact on Eleuthera.
    “I was reassured that they have been complying with everything that was demanded from them to this point, so I’m satisfied in that regard,” he said.

    Despite these assurances from Disney Cruise Lines, Mr Miller said he is still monitoring the situation cautiously due to its potential impact, not only on Eleuthera, but The Bahamas as a whole. "Am I concerned? Very concerned. I’m from Eleuthera, it’s personal to me, but not just Eleuthera, but for the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

  2. Just a quick update on the progress of this amazing initiative.

    The Lighthouse property has OFFICIALLY signed an agreement with the government of the Bahamas! All other necessary government permits and approvals have been granted. Disney has assembled a team who has, for the last two years, been meeting with the public of the Bahamas to also get their input as to how this project can best suit their natural environment. Imagine all developers consulted the public or residence of the land they plan to develop? Great! I think it is important for the people living in the immediate vicinity to give their input, especially if they are greatly affected by major developments such as the The Lighthouse Point.

    Over the past year Disney has met with many potential employees, vendors and tour operators to maximize opportunities for Eleuthera and the greater Bahamas and they plan to continue to do so. Disney has made a commitment to work with the local community and government to develop training and professional development programs for residents of Eleuthera and the greater Bahamas interested in working at Lighthouse Point. It is great that Disney has worked with this community for the past 20 years!

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    The Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre and Disney Cruise Line have come together to award $150,000 in small business grants to 30 Central and South Eleuthera businesses.

    The Eleuthera Grant Programme, sponsored by Disney Cruise Line, received more than 125 applications. Grant recipients in South and Central Eleuthera received up to $5,000 in funding each, along with training opportunities designed to further empower local businesses and entrepreneurs.
    Forty-three businesses successfully completed the training program, received a certificate of completion from Access Accelerator and advanced as a program finalist.

    At the end of the adjudication process, 30 businesses received approval for grant funding: 23 existing businesses and seven startups. The businesses span across eight industries, including fishing, landscaping, e-commerce and delivery services. The $150,000 will impact 39 employees.

  4. Bahamian Prime Minister Says 'New Disney Cruise New Private Island Lighthouse Point Looks Like it’s a Go'

    Disney Cruise Line is nearing approval for its Lighthouse Point development in Eleuthera, Bahamas according to Bahamian prime minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis. An environmental impact assessment for the proposed $400 million dedicated cruise terminal and private Disney island destination is reportedly in “final approval stages”.

    A groundbreaking ceremony from both Disney Cruise Line and the Bahamas government is being planned and will occur shortly after the environmental management review process is completed (if in favor of Disney’s plans).

    Dr. Minnis assured his citizens that the country has an agreement with Disney which mandates that 80 percent of the labor force employed in the creation of Lighthouse Point must be Bahamian.

    The project is planned to be constructed on the private land Disney has purchased from a private group. The entire development is “one of the largest investments ever in the history of Eleuthera,” Dr. Minnis added.

    Disney Cruise Line touts the upcoming project as a new ‘experience’ in Eleuthera. Lighthouse Point is said to “create sustainable economic opportunities for Bahamians, protect and sustain the natural beauty of the site, celebrate culture, and help strengthen the community in Eleuthera,” according to the Disney Cruise Line site.

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    This is the most recent news I can see about Lighthouse Point but it's looking positive that this is going ahead given that they were appointing contractors back in April...

    The cruise company held a virtual public meeting last week on its publicly released environmental impact assessment (EIA), where it reaffirmed its pledge to create at least 120 construction jobs for Bahamians.

    “Right now, we are still out in a competitive bid environment. We will be looking to select a contractor by mid to end of May to develop the project. The way we are treating the contracting for the project is via a design build, which means that we will hire a general contractor that will be responsible for the design and the construction of the poject,” Senior Project Manager at Walt Disney Imagineering David Chiaradonna said.

    “That means they will have the architect, engineer under their purview. What we’ve given them is a very robust request for proposal for the project that will allow them to come up with the means and methods to use sustainable practices, all the things we’re looking at, to develop the project with a very light footprint and very light touch to the environment and the land side portion.”
    In addition to construction jobs, Disney Cruise Line has committed to providing 150 permanent jobs for Bahamians, which its Vice President of Public Affairs Kim Prunty said will pay between $600-$700 weekly including benefits.


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    A petition launched by environmental activists in protest of Disney’s plans to construct a multi-million-dollar cruise destination in South Eleuthera has collected almost 400,000 signatures.

    The petition is a part of a campaign, “STOP Disney - Last Chance for Lighthouse Point”, to persuade the international company to abandon its plans.

    Up to press time yesterday, total signatures exceeded 399,000 on website, with campaign officials describing the move as an “exciting” one.

    “We’re looking to reinvigorate the campaign and continue pushing out the fact that we do need answers to our questions,” re-Earth president, Sam Duncombe told The Tribune.

    “Disney’s pages on Lighthouse Point talk about how they’re going to be respectful to the environment… and on one hand, they push out a lot of good information but then they’re not walking the walk when it comes to their own development.”

    A Disney spokesperson was contacted about the petition but provided no comment up to press time.

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    I have been trying to find any news on the Lighthouse Point project but keep coming up empty handed. The last "news" on the official site was in December 2019 and the FAQ's offers this answer to the question - what is the current status of the project?

    Disney Cruise Line has completed its purchase of the Lighthouse Point property and signed a Heads of Agreement with the government of The Bahamas. Disney will only move forward with a project at Lighthouse Point if it can do so in a way that aligns with the company’s deep and longstanding commitment to the environment. In addition to its own animal and conservation experts, Disney assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and other professionals who spent more than two years developing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Disney submitted the EIA to the BEST Commission in late December and has been advised that the BEST Commission will post the document on their website after their feedback is incorporated and government reviews are complete. Additional public consultation will occur as part of the site plan approval process. The EIA is based on extensive field work, robust data collection and analysis, direct engagement with those who have studied the site and the species observed there, and an exhaustive review of available literature. Construction will only begin on the site after the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan are accepted by government, public consultation has occurred and all other necessary government permits and approvals have been granted.
    Does anyone know when we might see the environmental impact assessment or public consultation? I can see a number of groups already opposing the construction but nothing concrete seems to have been announced about the consultation process etc. Starting to think this will be abandoned in the current climate.


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    I noticed that in the concept art there are multiple play areas and water splash areas although I can’t see much Disney theming which is unusual. Also I can’t really see the island at its current state becoming what is proposed although Disney is very good at that area of development.

    Lastly lots of people don’t want Disney to build it so the current situation is unstable, I think it will happen along with the new Disney cruise ship!

    I really like the look of this! Two play areas can be seen in the concept art one looks abit like a geyser spring area which would be an amazing addition! Another looks like a totem pole large wooden sticks area although i can’t quite work it out? This will probably be a separate resort for long vacations!


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    The Disney Wish, the cruise ship linked with the opening of Lighthouse Point is currently under construction and has now been announced to be setting sail in January 2022 despite rumours that it is being delayed further.

    Construction on the ship can be seen here from June 2020.

    Disney lovers, we finally have a date for the maiden voyage of the the company's newest cruise ship. In August last year, the entertainment giant announced the next cruise liner to join its ever-growing fleet will be called the Disney Wish - and now we have learned it will be setting sail in January 2022.
    The Wish joins four other cruise ships already part of The Disney Cruise Line - Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy. A further three ships are planned to be added in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

  10. How likely do we think it is that Lighthouse Point will not see any further construction and will be abandoned?

    Some interesting news about the new ships Disney ordered and the current state of the cruise industry which has taken a battering from COVID-19. Will be interesting to see what chances with Disney cruise plans from this.

    The future of the Disney Cruise Line is open to speculation at this point in time. Certainly construction on DCL's second tropical destination, Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas located at the southern tip of Eleuthera, was stopped along with all other Disney construction.

    The Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, the shipyard that builds cruise ships for Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line and Carnival Corporation, said in April that cruise lines let them know that they won't be needing all of the new ships ordered. The shipyard expects to have no new orders come in for the next three years. In addition, they said that cruise lines will not need all of the new cruise ships that they previously ordered due to a slowdown in customer demand.
    There were four other cruise ships on the queue schedule before the Disney Wish, which was due to be delivered in late 2021 and now the assumption is that the ship may be delayed up to an additional year. That will also mean the delay or cancellation of the other two Triton class ships that Disney previously ordered. It is estimated that perhaps only half the world's cruise line fleets will be operating by the end of this year but that doesn't take into consideration should one or more cruise lines go bankrupt as a result of the pandemic.
    In mid-May, Disney announced that they were suspending all new DCL departures through at least July 27, 2020—and perhaps longer. Disney CEO Bob Chapek acknowledged that DCL will likely be the last of the Disney Parks units to re-open.

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