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    Angkor Waters of Wonder is set to become the essence of Cambodia. The project respects the past and showcases the culture with exciting glimpses into the future; it complements Angkor Wat’s importance and enhances visitors’ connection with history. Angkor Waters of Wonder will offer new meaning—pleasure and excitement for children and adults alike. Its amenities will be varied and numerous, enticing people to remain in Siem Reap and develop a more profound passion for the country and its rich yet undiscovered culture. Angkor Waters of Wonder will be a place for Cambodians, Asians, and citizens of the world, demonstrating Cambodia’s faith in a promising future.

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    ‘Angkor Lake of Wonder’ Not Suitable Next to Temples, Ministry Says

    NagaCorp’s plan to build a resort town – the Angkor Lake of Wonder – just outside the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap has been rejected, with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts ruling in line with recent warnings that the development could impact Angkor’s status as a World Heritage-listed site.

    The government did not want a $350-million project that “seemed like Disneyland” near the most important cultural site in the country.

    “It impacts with environment and the heritage, so we do not allow,” Sum Map, secretary of state of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, told CamboJA. “The government’s stance is to protect the value of Angkor, so any project that impacts Angkor or the environment will not be allowed.”

    UNESCO, which listed Angkor for preservation in 1992, issued a statement in February to raise concerns about the project affecting the site’s “outstanding universal value.”

    The Angkor Lake of Wonder – with a water park, theme park, a Chinatown and two hotels – had been billed as Cambodia’s “twin tourism icons” alongside NagaWorld in Phnom Penh.

    UNESCO said that it appreciated the government’s decision to block the development.

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    You can read the full planning proposal here... I don't think anything more than this has been made public.

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    I think this may offer a slightly better explanation. There has been no "official" location as far as I can tell that was made public but this shows the restricted zone in question and the location and description of building a "Siem Riep China Town" makes me think it was likely close to the city - I can't imagine many other places being described as a "prime piece of developement land"

    The government has granted the company a 50-year lease on a “prime piece of development land” just about 500 meters south of the outer restricted zone of the Angkor temple complex, the announcement says.

    Source: &

  5. This map shows Siem Reap airport and the actual temple areas. I can't spot the resort on it..?

  6. Here is a map of the area and details on where it would have been located.

    Provisionally named Angkor Lake of Wonder, the 75 hectares of land on which it is planned to sit would make it larger than the combined size of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Los Angeles.
    NagaCorp Ltd, owner and operator of NagaWorld in Phnom Penh, has revealed plans to develop a US$350 million non-gaming resort in Siem Reap aimed at promoting NagaWorld and UNESCO world heritage-listed Angkor Wat as “twin tourism icons of Cambodia.”
    According to a Sunday night announcement, NagaCorp’s new development will be complete by 2025 – likely before the US$3.5 billion Naga3 expansion of NagaWorld opens for business – and incorporate high-end hotels, a water theme park, indoor hi-tech theme parks, a canal, water cruise attractions, and MICE facilities.

  7. Cambodia’s Culture and Fine Arts Ministry has rejected a proposal by NagaCorp to build an integrated resort (IR), Angkor Lake of Wonder.

    The rejection comes after UNESCO shared concerns about NagaCorp’s plans for an IR with theme parks and cultural attractions near Angkor Wat, an ancient temple complex in Cambodia.
    In a recent statement, UNESCO said “the technical opinions of experts in the fields of conservation and sustainable development were clearly unfavorable” to Angkor Lake of Wonder (ALOW).

    The Culture and Fine Arts Ministry have now said in a statement (via The Art Newspaper) that it “shares the views” of the International Coordinating Committee for Angkor (ICC).

    The culture ministry also said the proposed project “cannot be implemented in this context”, and its secretary of state, Sum Map, said: “There is nothing wrong with the project but its scale.”

    “On the one side, it [Angkor Archaeological Park] is tranquil, and on another side, [the project] seems enormous and bustling,” he said. “They are running in contrast to each other.”

    Angkor Lake of Wonder would include hotels, a water theme park, an indoor theme park, exhibition facilities, cultural attractions, and F&B.

  8. Is this artwork depicting the failed casino resort project?


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    Angkor Lake of Wonder

    Status: on hold

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