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19 Jul 2019
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11 ha
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  1. So to say "building works are in the preliminary stages" over 6 months ago, nothing has happened on this site so far as far as I can tell unless they are only working on the outside.

    Here is the Google Earth latest images from 2021 - highlighted is the area for the attraction itself, I can see a huge problem with parking if they don't add more capacity here though, they are using the current additinal parking that site has as part of the footprint so unless they expand it somewhere else this will be an operational nightmare when it's busy.

    I used to work in the mall area next to it and on a busy weekend the parking and travel in and out of that particular area was awful. Adding this new attraction will need serious consideration for the volume of traffic it needs to operate profitably.

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    New details

    The updated plans involve a greater integration of biophilic design elements, including double-curved roofs, which reduce the amount of steel required, increasing the sustainability of the development. The new design also includes a green ‘vertical forest’ multi-storey car park to remove the need for under-venue parking and reduce the amount of excavation needed thereby simplifying the build process and lowering environmental impact.

    New guest attractions include an all-season urban beach and the living waterslides – claimed to be the first in the world – incorporating a 3D-printed superstructure housing thousands of plants. A snow room, multi-sensory showers and oxygen rooms will also be on offer, as well as a visitor and education centre for events on sustainability, food and nature.

    Biodiversity will be central to Therme Manchester via a 10,000sq m wellbeing garden, hydroponic vertical farm, more than 1,500 trees and roof-top beehives which will produce honey for use in restaurants and wellbeing treatments.

    Therme Group is aiming to submit a revised planning application in the summer. Construction of the development is scheduled to begin in 2023, with a build time of around two years.

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    Pushed back to 2025.

    Plans for the UK's first all-season beach have been revealed inside the huge Therme Manchester indoor resort and spa coming to TraffordCity. New images of the extraordinary indoor beach, which will include lapping waves on soft sands, have been released today for the first time.

    It is part of a series of detailed new additions to the existing plans for the spectacular £250m well-being resort and waterpark that will boast an incredible 20 pools and 35 water slides. It will be built where Event City currently sits next to the Trafford Centre, although the anticipated opening for late 2023 has now been set back to 2025.

    New CGI images of how the site will look have been released ahead of Therme's sponsorship of this year's Manchester Marathon, which takes place on Sunday in the city. The "urban beach" element at the resort will be part of Therme's "next generation waterpark" with an array of water slides, thermal bathing and a wellbeing spa.


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    Therme Group has confirmed that the construction of Therme Manchester will commence this year and the opening is to take place in 2023.

    This 250 million pounds worth resort will be built at the place of current EventCity building, and it is supposed to attract 1.5-2 million people a year.

    It is undoubtedly a project that will play a significant role in economic and social development of the region as it will create hundreds of jobs and promote the idea of "staycation" affordable to all. The content of the resort is very diverse with the activities for families with children, but also a non-children section for adults to enjoy some quiet time.


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    The opening of Manchester Therme at the end of 2023 may bring a very strong contender for the number 1 position in Top 10 UK Waterparks listings. It is now being widely discussed by locals as one of the biggest and most sophisticated Therme Spa Resorts and a tremendous addition to the area.

    Therme Manchester, the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort, will combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellbeing treatments, art, nature and technology to create a unique experience never before seen in the UK.


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    New images of England's largest 28-acre glass-domed indoor waterpark released showing potential visitors what they can expect from Britain's biggest waterpark. Images of their Bucharest site give a sense of the scale of the development, and the dazzling array of water slides and facilities that families here can expect when Therme Manchester opens for the first time.

    ... the development is still on track for a 2023 opening, although building work remains at a preliminary stage on the site.
    Richard Land, Chief Development Officer of Therme Group UK, said:

    " Therme Group is based on a belief that wellbeing should be accessible for all.

    "The events of 2020 have shone a light on the necessity of this mission, especially for those in cities.

    "Therme Manchester will redefine city wellbeing, enhancing mental and physical health through an experience based in water and nature.

    It will offer a unique holiday at home, that acts as a catalyst for healthy lifestyles.”

  7. The first of its kind in the UK, Therme Manchester will be a landmark development for the city and is set to become an iconic symbol of the north-west of England.

    Accessible to all ages and with entry prices available to suit every budget, Therme Manchester will be an immersive experience to enhance the mind, body and soul. Visitors will have the chance to unplug and unwind in an environment optimised for wellbeing with turquoise, warm-water lagoons and spectacular botanical gardens.

    Guests will be able to tailor their own experience at Therme Manchester from a diverse range of offers including water-based activities with fitness programming, attractions, wellbeing therapies including multisensorial saunas, and food and nutrition.

    At 28-acres, the size of 19 football pitches, the expansive Therme Manchester site is located in TraffordCity, opposite intu Trafford Centre and Barton Square, with the new Barton Square Metrolink station directly outside.


  8. Therme Group, has confirmed that plans are still in place to begin construction of the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort, Therme Manchester, next year.

    Set to open in 2023, the c. £250 million project will combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellbeing treatments, art, nature and technology to create a unique experience never before seen in the UK. The large scale of the resort will play a significant role in the social and economic development of the region, will create hundreds of jobs and build social cohesion with an experience that is inclusive, accessible and, most important, affordable to all.

  9. Therme Manchester

    Therme Group could be continuing their growth with a new opening planned in Scotland.

    Now there is the potential that a huge water park and spa resort could be built near the close to the flagship Riverside Museum in Glasgow. Therapeutic mineral pools, warm water lagoons and botanical gardens could be part of the well being attraction from Therme Group, which has previously announced its intention to come to Scotland.
    The company is currently building a £250million leisure resort in Manchester featuring wave pools, slides and multi-sensorial saunas in a tropical setting. The resort, the firm's first in the UK, is due to open in 2023 and the group is already well established in Europe, with sites in Germany and Romania.

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