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    Nov 2020
    Anantara Resort opened on The World Islands (it's not part of the Heart of Europe) in December 2021.

    I have seen nothing of this resort up to now and they seem to still be hosting PR trips 6 months after opening which isn't promising!

    In December, the artificial archipelago got its first hotel: A five-star resort operated by Anantara that sits on the island representing Argentina and offers 70 beachfront villas with panoramic views of Dubai’s skyscraper-strewn skyline.

    From a jetty on the Palm Jumeirah, a 15-minute transfer via speedboat provides views of Dubai landmarks such as the self-styled “seven-star” Burj Al Arab hotel. As the boat enters through the World’s oval breakwater, the Anantara resort comes into view, its circumference marked out by a thousand coconut trees imported from Oman. Staff clap arriving guests in a ceremony aping traditions in the Maldives. Peacocks root among young plants dotted around the beachfront.

    For the most part, the operation is already well-oiled. Staff are attentive but give guests some privacy, communicating via WhatsApp rather than intrusive phone calls. A Mediterranean-themed restaurant provides a buffet breakfast and all-day eating. Qamar, the fine-dining outlet, boasts a porch overlooking the sea, where they serve Arabic and Indian food, including some of the finest naan in Dubai.

    It takes a gentle 30-minute walk to circumnavigate the island and, while most of the World remains unbuilt on, a handful of other developments are visible. There are the lush surroundings of “Greenland”, where Sheikh Mohammed has a villa, and apartment blocks and Viking longship-themed palaces on “The Heart of Europe”, a residential and hospitality complex over six islands.

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    Visiting The World Islands for a tour around Dubai's iconic development made a great day trip. Located only about a 20 minute boat ride from Dubai, we've always been curious to visit the World Islands. We booked a day trip to visit one of the islands called, The Island. It is formerly known as Lebanon Island, and it was the first island open to the public. The World Islands consist of about 300 artificial islands in the Arabian Sea.

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    The World islands as advertised when under construction in 2006:

  4. Dubaiist is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    May 2020
    The World islands today (2020):

  5. The World in Q1/2020:

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    The World Islands Dubai

    Status: ongoing development

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