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    Resorts World Miami - a $3 billion, 13.9-acre mixed-use gaming, hotel and entertainment development along the waterfront in Miami‘s Omni District just south of Edgewater. "Achitecture with the history" - it could be the name of this project. In 2011, the Genting Group had spent $236 million to purchase 30-acres of land within the Omni District with the intention of building out the plans for the Resorts World mega development along Biscayne Bay. The adored former office building began demolition in 2014 and completed in 2015, the site has remained vacant ever since.
    The plan by Arquitectonica company back from 2011

    Cost: $3 billion
    Site: 13.9 acres
    Square feet: 10 million
    Convention and meeting space:700,000 square feet (including ballroom)
    Ballroom: 200,000 square feet (billed as the largest in the United States)
    Hotels: Four – super luxury, contemporary, convention and family
    Hotel units: 5,200
    Residential units: 1,000
    Swimming lagoon: 3.6 acres and 1,000 feet-long
    Retail: 250,000, square feet
    Restaurants: More than 50

    In 2021 The Federal Aviation Administration has approved and cleared the way for three towers at the proposed location for Resorts World Miami. According to to the approval letters, the three structures are approved to rise 642-feet, 643-feet and 645-feet from the ground up, or 649-feet above sea level. New renderings have not been revealed, but it is likely the firm Arquitectonica may remain as the designer of the project.

  3. Interesting:

    A short trip down memory lane to 2011, many will remember Genting unveiled its ambitious and controversial project called the Resorts World Miami. It was poised to be one of the biggest projects in Miami, sitting on a prime waterfront parcel that was the famed Miami Herald site in Downtown. With the proposed six, LED-lit, coral reef-like towers, a 3.6-acre lagoon stretching from Biscayne Bay to Biscayne Boulevard, came something Miami has never had, a casino.

    Fast forward eight years... and nothing has been built. What’s the hold-up, you ask? Gambling permits! For years, local governments have rejected the Malaysian company’s proposal to build a world-class casino in the heart of Miami. However, with recent shifts in the political climate in favor of gambling, Genting’s dream of building a commercial casino in Magic City could be seeing new and favorable betting odds.

  4. Crazy concept art. Will it really look like that? I can't think of any Genting project worldwide with that level of architecture!

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    Resorts World Miami

    Status: under construction

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