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Local Name:
05 Apr 2017
Construction Start:
407 ha
UAA Kinming Development Corporation
Ho & Partners Architects
Ride Suppliers:
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    The City of Pasay has been granted an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) No. ECC-CO-1601- 003 dated 2017-October-24 for its Proposed 360 Hectare Reclamation Project. The City is proposing to embark on an additional reclamation project with an area of 265 hectares.The project is set to be completed with horizontal development in 2028 including roads, bridges, drainage, water, power, sewerage, communications, and other primary utilities and facilities.

  2. Seems pretty conclusive that Horizon Manila is being built but nothing on City of Pearl so far?

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    This project is now getting a little confusing.

    There is some land reclamation going on in the bay BUT it looks like it's another project - Horizon Manila. And that project would make it difficult to build "City of Pearl" as they would essentially be in the same bay space either side of the current jetties shown in both sets of concept art.

    Does anyone know which project this reclamation is for? This video says it's for City of Pearl but also shows the horizons website and I could do with a translation if somebody could give it a listen and work out what the deal is?

    This is the horizon project -
    You can see the space behind it is where the City of Pearl is meant to be going...

    Video of land reclamation

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    New Manila Bay - City of Pearl is located at the heart of Manila, a shining jewel in the ocean. The 407 hectares land is the BIGGEST self sustaining SMART City in Asia, planned to host more than 500,000 citizen and creating over 100,000 jobs. This visionary project is the result of the Belt & Road Initiative between China and Philippines as a major effort to activate Manila's economy and provide social mobility for generations of youth.

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    New Manila Bay - City of Pearl

    Status: Announced

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