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NEOM - Oxagon
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Local Name:
16 Nov 2021
Construction Start:
4000 ha
Kerten Hospitality Group, NEOM
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. Nikolina is offline Curious Chap
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    Nov 2023
    The Boskalis’ mega cutter suction dredger (CSD) Helios arrived at Dhuba, Saudi Arabia, on October 16, 2023.
    Boskalis will be responsible for the deepening and widening of the main access channel; in line with Oxagon and NEOM’s sustainable ambitions, there will be zero material discharge with recovery and reuse of materials and structures prioritized to construct earthwork platforms for the development of Oxagon.

  2. According to the FAQ on NEOM's website, the first destinations will come online on 2024, and Oxagon will get its first residents in 2024.

  3. louanakaloustian is offline Curious Chap
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    In May 2023, the Ireland-based Kerten Hospitality Group announced 'The Collective' in Saudi Arabia. This initiative unites several projects from the group across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signifying a combined investment of SAR 1.5 billion. As a premier lifestyle hospitality company, Kerten Hospitality is not only dedicated to introducing new projects but also to fostering collaborations with investors and government bodies. These endeavors serve to boost local communities and reflect the group's significant commitment and investment in Saudi Arabia's hospitality sector.

  4. ResortsAhoy is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Cost soars by $3.5bn at Saudi Arabia's Neom green hydrogen mega-project as inflation bites Budget increased to $8.5bn at flagship desert project to be powered by 4GW of wind, solar and batteries, update from partner reveals.
    Inflation, spare parts, upfront fees for land and $1bn of interest on loans have all contributed to the $3.5bn budget increase, said the US industrial gases company, which is developing the project in the desert of northwest Saudi Arabia with partners ACWA Power, the Saudi renewables developer, and Neom.

  5. One of the core focuses of Neom is to put the human in the centre. As a result, Neom has created numerous job opportunities in various areas of expertise allowing diverse individuals to benefit from the $500 billion project. Neom’s call to action is to “Join on a journey of visionary minds where you seek to understand, embrace culture, make the difference, and create a legacy”.

    The sectors in need of incredible talents range from construction to finance, public security and strategy planning. The positions are based in the two revolutionising cities The Line and Oxagon. The number of open positions currently exceeds 160. All open positions are represented on the careers page of Neom:

    As Neom can be defined as one of the most ambitious projects seeking to bring transformation to the structure of cities and way of living as we know it, the type of professionals Neom is looking for must be nothing less. As stated on their website, “The most ambitious project in the world calls for the most ambitious people”.

    NEOM’s hiring: How to get a job at Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion mega project


  6. ResortsAhoy is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Jul 2019
    NEOM in Saudi Arabia will be home to the Kingdom’s first Yotel hotel, it has been announced. Yotel will open the doors on the NEOM property in 2025 at the Oxagon development in Saudi Arabia.
    Upon check-in, guests at the 300-room hotel will be greeted by the brand’s signature robotic concierge. Guests will also have motorised smart beds, access to Komyuniti – the brand’s signature multi-functional dining and co-working space, a 24-hour fitness centre, network space and more.


  7. ResortsAhoy is offline resortX Top Investigator
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    Jul 2019

  8. mrg
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    The Oxagon Village will be an innovative and flexible development, offering to its community of workers, from staff to top management, a large span of residential units adjustable to their evolving need.

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