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23 Sep 2021
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8 ha
Moon World Resorts Inc.
Moon World Resorts Inc.
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  1. So I hate to be the negative one in the room here but the space where The Moon Resort is slated for building is this piece of land currently cleared next to the Trump Tower. If this was to be built on (in the way The Moon Resort is planned to be) it would block the, already limited, Strip view from the newly built Resorts World rooms and be a huge eyesore from The Wynn Resort (although the do currently look at the empty lot).

    I just don't think it would be allowed to go ahead - it would be massive in comparison the the things around it such as the mall (the white "hat" topped building at the other end of the plot from this photo) and it would butt right up against Trump. Unless the turned the Trump Resort into The Moon's Tower and pushed the Moon element back from the Strip I just don't see how it's going to fit and not completely kill the luxury vibe of The Wynn and Resorts World.

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    Canadian-based company Moon World Resorts Inc. has announced plans for a $5 billion, 5.5-million-square-foot hotel whose signature feature will be a replica of the moon standing at 735 feet tall and 650 feet wide.

    The replica will only be 1/75,000 the size of the moon, but that's large enough to accommodate 4,000 guest rooms and suites. Plans for Moon Resorts Las Vegas also include a 75,000-square-foot spa, 50,000-square-feet of food and beverage offerings, 75,000-square-feet of retail, and 150,00-square-feet of clubs and lounges.

    For entertainment, guests can look forward to a 2,500-seat theater, a planetarium, a 5,000-seat event center, a 10,000-seat arena, and, of course, a casino. Adding to the moon-theme will also be a nightclub that will be positioned directly under a "spaceship" and will beam lights down on guests, the Daily Mail reported.

    However, the main highlight of the property will be the "active lunar colony."

    The colony, which will be in the upper half of the sphere, will "precisely mimic those [lunar colonies] now under serious active planning by Nasa, ESA, and many others." And for $500, visitors can spend 90 minutes exploring the 10-acre space, using a "moon buggy" to pass over the craters.

    Even just accessing this main attraction will be an adventure, with guests riding a rollercoaster-like "moon shuttle" that circles the exterior of the hotel suites on its way up to the lunar colony.
    Moon Resorts Las Vegas will take about four years to build and is one of four lunar-themed properties planned to open around the world in 2026 or 2027. Beyond this Las Vegas property, others are planned for the Middle East, China, and Spain.


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    This $5-billion Moon-themed Resort Is Coming to Las Vegas.

    While the space tourism is in the nearest future plan but still way to go, let us land in the Moon in 2027. Stay overnight and entertain yourself in the heart of Las Vegas. Is quite literally out of this world.


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    Moon Resorts Las Vegas

    Status: announced

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