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23 Sep 2021
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8 ha
Moon World Resorts Inc.
Moon World Resorts Inc.
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  1. Moon World Resorts Inc. is finally taking concrete steps towards bringing their 20-year-old idea to life. Their ambitious resort project aims to recreate a portion of the lunar surface within a massive sphere designed to resemble a scale model of the moon. This unique resort concept has garnered significant attention worldwide. The project, spearheaded by Moon World Resorts Inc., includes a large hotel building with 4000 rooms, a casino if you're feeling lucky, a planetarium, of course, and so much more! The resort will provide its visitors with an immersive experience reminiscent of visiting the moon, all while remaining on Earth.

  2. Moon World Resorts: Saudi, Qatar also considered for gigantic ‘Moon’ besides Dubai.
    No specific site has yet been chosen for a proposed gigantic resort resembling the moon, however, “multiple” developers in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have expressed interest in building the project, Michael Henderson, co-founder of Moon World Resorts revealed.

    They are still looking into several potential locations for the mega project besides Dubai, with other contenders including Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

    Nonetheless, the Moon is described as
    a unique and iconic structure that will “transport millions of guests on an experiential life-altering journey” and deliver a “fully integrated destination resort experience”.

  3. The $5 billion Moon Resort project could be built in Abu Dhabi rather than Dubai. According to co-founder Michael R. Henderson, a surge of investors, notably Emiratis, have expressed interest in the low-gravity tourist idea.

    The company is now organising a 2023 worldwide road-show series to introduce Moon to prospective regional licensees. One of these events will occur in the MENA area, maybe in Dubai. Other probable locations include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

    Despite plans for a global investor search, Henderson told Hotelier Middle East the firm will only dish out one agreement per region; with Abu Dhabi a possible landing zone.

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    Could we really be seeing the start of the Moon resort in Dubai?

    The demolition of the Dubai Pearl development, a project overlooking the Palm Jumeirah, sent tremors in neighbouring areas on Monday. Residents on the Palm, as well as those in Dubai Media City, took to social media to report they felt the ground shake this morning.
    Valued at $10 billion, the mega project, which was announced in 2002, was supposed to feature more than 1,000 apartments, 60 restaurants, a theatre and seven five-star hotels. Reports about the deconstruction started circulating late last year, when some residents spotted demolition equipment at the project site.

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    More "Moon Resort" news from Dubai

    The city of Dubai is no stranger to ambitious construction and architectural projects. Dubai recently announced plans to construct a $5 billion resort that resembles the moon. The structure will be 735 feet tall, and will emulate the conditions of the actual moon. In today's video, we discuss everything you could expect to see once this megaproject is complete.

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    Designers Sandra G Matthews and Michael R Henderson have created a concept for a 224-metre-high spherical resort that would include a moon-like experience, which they hope to realise in four locations around the world. Named Moon, the resort would consist of a spherical steel structure enclosing a hotel and the moon-surface attraction built on two of a three-storey circular podium.

    Above the podium, the 224-metre-high structure will be enclosed within the "world's largest sphere", which would be externally decorated as the moon. This spherical shape would be constructed from a steel frame of a similar nature to the ones popularised by US architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. It would be covered in a carbon-fibre composite and incorporate solar panels to power the resort.

  7. This is NOT the site of Burj Khalifa.

    It's the site of the abandoned Dubai Pearl project.

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    So I have been checking this out because I think it's hilariously bad.

    The website for Moon World Resorts (the apparent company behind 4 Moon resorts worldwide) is literally 2 pages, a homepage which is just this image and a link to a "contact us" page which is just an email address. No further information on anything.

    The alternative text for it reads... "For scale context a rendering of MOON is depicted on the site of the magnificent Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, UAE; created by world class developer EMAAR" so they just added a resort where the Burj Khalifa actually is? This is madness.

    There is also a video embedded that isn't actually visible on the site but is in the source code of the website and it's pretty awesome.


  9. So I hate to be the negative one in the room here but the space where The Moon Resort is slated for building is this piece of land currently cleared next to the Trump Tower. If this was to be built on (in the way The Moon Resort is planned to be) it would block the, already limited, Strip view from the newly built Resorts World rooms and be a huge eyesore from The Wynn Resort (although the do currently look at the empty lot).

    I just don't think it would be allowed to go ahead - it would be massive in comparison the the things around it such as the mall (the white "hat" topped building at the other end of the plot from this photo) and it would butt right up against Trump. Unless the turned the Trump Resort into The Moon's Tower and pushed the Moon element back from the Strip I just don't see how it's going to fit and not completely kill the luxury vibe of The Wynn and Resorts World.

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    Canadian-based company Moon World Resorts Inc. has announced plans for a $5 billion, 5.5-million-square-foot hotel whose signature feature will be a replica of the moon standing at 735 feet tall and 650 feet wide.

    The replica will only be 1/75,000 the size of the moon, but that's large enough to accommodate 4,000 guest rooms and suites. Plans for Moon Resorts Las Vegas also include a 75,000-square-foot spa, 50,000-square-feet of food and beverage offerings, 75,000-square-feet of retail, and 150,00-square-feet of clubs and lounges.

    For entertainment, guests can look forward to a 2,500-seat theater, a planetarium, a 5,000-seat event center, a 10,000-seat arena, and, of course, a casino. Adding to the moon-theme will also be a nightclub that will be positioned directly under a "spaceship" and will beam lights down on guests, the Daily Mail reported.

    However, the main highlight of the property will be the "active lunar colony."

    The colony, which will be in the upper half of the sphere, will "precisely mimic those [lunar colonies] now under serious active planning by Nasa, ESA, and many others." And for $500, visitors can spend 90 minutes exploring the 10-acre space, using a "moon buggy" to pass over the craters.

    Even just accessing this main attraction will be an adventure, with guests riding a rollercoaster-like "moon shuttle" that circles the exterior of the hotel suites on its way up to the lunar colony.
    Moon Resorts Las Vegas will take about four years to build and is one of four lunar-themed properties planned to open around the world in 2026 or 2027. Beyond this Las Vegas property, others are planned for the Middle East, China, and Spain.

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