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Local Name:
22 Jul 2015
Construction Start:
Aug 2018
16 ha
Cabo Verde Resorts, Macau Legend Development Ltd
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  1. mrg
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    TOWNLAND was commissioned to prepare a Conceptual Master Plan and subsequently Full Service Landscape Architecture for an Integrated Resort and Casino Development on the Islet of Santa Maria and on a section of the Gamboa Beachfront (16 ha) in Praia, Cape Verde, West Africa.

    The Development comprises of Office Accommodation, a Casino Hotel and a Walled City (Fort) on the Islet of Santa Maria. Within the Walled City are a Boutique Hotel, a Retail Spine centred around a pedestrian environment, a Cultural Centre, Convention & Exhibition Facilities, a Catholic Church and a Marina.

    Adding to the attractiveness of Cape Verde as an international tourism destination, the objectives of the Project are to create a Key Tourism Node in Praia through the introduction of activities which will appeal to local, regional and international tourists and in particular higher spending and longer staying tourists; to capitalize on the Unique Natural Attributes of the Site’s location including the Site’s extensive sea frontages and island environment; and to incorporate a Diverse Programme of Activities including quality oriented tourism related uses which will deepen the attraction of Praia as a competitive destination and which will create a vibrant, year round destination.

  2. Macau Legend Development is facing the possibility of legal action as the Cape Verdean government has stopped its $271 million casino project in Cape Verde. The specific reasons for the suspension of the project have not been disclosed in the news article. The company is now dealing with financial and legal challenges related to the halted development.

  3. mrg
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    Whether seeking excitement or relaxation this integrated resortpleases with a variety of activities within its 140,000 sm of facilities,including: a 5-star casino hotel with restaurants, fitness and resortpool with a Dayclub/Nighclub; a retail and f&b walled city with a4-star boutique hotel, wedding church, convention center, spa,national museum and serviced apartments; and a shoreline withoffice building, serviced apartments and a clubhouse. Explore SantaMaria Islet developed like a historic walled city and walk on the fortwall that surrounds the islands plateau with stunning ocean views, or stroll village streets defined by buildings with retail, restaurantsand bars spilling out from within.

  4. Google Earth maps were updated in January 2022 but still nothing to be seen here. That combined with financial troubles seems to indicate that this project is dead in the water.

    Source: Google Earth

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    Looks like trouble for Hong-Kong based Macau Legend Development Ltd. They are the firm that owns the project at Cape Verde and it looks like their stock is / was getting suspended as of April 1 due to not being able to publish their numbers on time due to COVID shortages.

    Also bad news for Macau executive director:

    Following his detention by Macau authorities on suspicion of illegal running of gambling operations and money laundering, Mr Chan resigned from his roles as an executive director, the co-chairman and the chief executive of the Macau Legend, with effect from January 31.

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    The previous posts say that the resort was started in 2018 and expected to complete in 2021...

    This is Google Earth from April 2021 through to October 2021. There looks to have been no movement on the island in that time at all and certainly no signs of construction apart from the road which was constructed a few years ago now.

    October 2021

    October 2021

    April 2021

    Source: Google Earth Pro

  7. The project was supposed to be completed in 3 years. Construction began in August 2018, but due to the COVID-19, the resort is expected to be finished in 2021.

    Land concession for the project is 75 years. The Group has been granted a 25 years gaming concession on Santiago Island (of which the first 15 years are on an exclusive basis). In addition, the Group has been granted an exclusive nationwide operation of online gaming, physical and online sports betting for a period of 10 years from the commencement of the operation of the online gaming business by the Group in Cape Verde.

  8. Covid Delay:

    Macau Legend group´s casino resort in Praia, Cabo Verde, is going ahead, but is likely to face delays because of the covid-19 pandemic, according to the Tourism minister, Carlos Santos.

    The company is “continuing with the works” on the ground, but “obviously at this moment, with the pandemic, there was a slowdown”, Santos told Lusa news agency in an interview. “But we have not had any contrary information, that there is abandonment, and we understand that that work is to continue, because it is a large investment”, he added.

    “There will probably have to be a delay there, precisely because of the halts that existed. But we are hopeful that with regard to large investments, things will continue”, the minister said.

  9. Casino services firm Macau Legend Development Ltd officially began construction of its EUR250-million (US$283-million) casino resort in the African island nation of Cape Verde, according to media reports.

    A ceremony to mark the event was held on Monday, attended by David Chow Kam Fai, co-chairman and chief executive of Macau Legend, and by Cape Verde’s Prime Minister, José Maria Neves.

    “This project will allow tourism in Cape Verde to reach new heights,” Mr Neves said during the event, quoted by Portuguese news agency Lusa. He added that the government’s goal was to increase the number of annual tourist arrivals to the country from the current 600,000 to about 2 million over the next few years.

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