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Crescent Hydropolis
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  1. What happened to the story of the Hydropolis project, an amazing idea of an underwater hotel planned to be built in Dubai?

    The underwater hotel was designed by Joachim Hauser and Professor Roland Dieterle, planned to be composed of three segments: a land station, a connecting train, and the underwater hotel. Hauser, who previously worked for the Deutsche AeroSpace Administration to design a hotel located in outer space, stated that he had designed Hydropolis with organic structures, with the idea to create a more tranquil living environs where smoother architectural flow blends natural biorhythms with living spaces. In other words, the main idea of this construction was - linking humans to water.

    The hotel’s original plan was to be located 20 meters underwater off the coast of Jumeirah beach and to cover an area of 260 hectares, making it one of the world's biggest construction projects of its time. Not only that, but the hotel was apparently supposed to have its own missile defense system to avoid being a vulnerable target. However, if not still “on hold”, it seems to have ended up as a dead idea on paper. The fact that no relevant and up-to-date news have resurfaced thus far, leaves us with the unfortunate conclusion, in the form of a metaphor, that it might’ve become the Dubai version of the “Atlantis” story.

    But, one should be not so quick to assume and judge. The latest study released on the Global Underwater Hotels Market by AMA Research (which evaluates market trends and forecasts up to the year 2027) suggests that Underwater hotels are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, meaning that this project, even if never revived, has definitely inspired many.

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  2. So not next to the Hilton, but between the Ritz-Carlton and the Meridien.

  3. Dubai Marina, next or close to the old Hilton hotel:

  4. Where exactly was it supposed to go?

  5. Announced in 2005 or 2006, it never happened.


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