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23 Jun 2022
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9 ha
GEK TERNA Group, Hard Rock International
Hard Rock International
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    Hard Rock International’s plans to bring a massive integrated resort (IR) to Athens, Greece, may be faltering. The original plan had the government providing financial assistance. But it is now requesting that Hard Rock and its partner, Gek Terna, contribute more to the project.
    The project’s financial situation has taken a turn for the worse compared to the previous agreement with Hard Rock and Gek Terna. A report in Data Journalists suggests that the banks willing to finance part of the project have requested an additional €120 million (US$132.18 million) from the two entities.
    This is on top of the initially agreed upon €250 million (US$275.37 million). The two companies have reportedly expressed their intention to abandon the project if an appropriate resolution is not reached.

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    Compared to an earlier vision of the complex, architecture and thematic elements will be more in harmony with the locale as well as surrounding developments around the massive Hellenikon Metropolitan Park on the land formerly occupied by the Hellenikon International Airport.

    The development writ large was scheduled to begin in 2008 but was shelved during the world financial crisis. Work began again in 2020 with a full completion date for the metro park expected in 2029. The site will see some of Greece’s largest buildings at over 200 meters (60 stories) along with a marina, shops, and luxury homes.

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens will include key design elements such as open spaces, water features, and gardens, with green spaces covering about 205,000 m2 or 50 acres.

    The Tower will have three distinct orientations, each paying homage to the sea, Acropolis, or Mount Hymettus, and will symbolize a harmonic convergence of land, sky, and sea.Inside, visitors will find a massive casino floor of more than 160,000 sq feet hosting two thousand electronic game machines and 200 gaming tables. The live theater will accommodate 3,000 with a stage that can extend outside to entertain a total of more than 10,000 for outdoor events. The outdoor concert lawn is inspired by the ancient Greek amphitheater.

    More inside/outside connections are designed into the project with the highest rooftop terrace in the country including a pool deck, bars, Body Rock Fitness, and the Rock Spa.Guest accommodations include over 1,000 rooms and suites with well over 3,000 total beds. All external rooms will have views of Athens, some including the Parthenon, or will be overlooking the waterfront.

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    Hard Rock International and GEK TERNA Group held a special event in Athens yesterday signaling the official start of their partnership for the construction and operation of an integrated resort and casino, located in the iconic area of the Athens Riviera, within the context of “The Ellinikon” development. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens, which is set to open in 2026, will be a unique destination in Europe combining a five-star luxury hotel, a world class gaming floor, a premier meeting and convention space, a state-of-the-art entertainment venue, internationally renowned food and beverage, luxurious Rock® Spa and Pool Complex, and a high-end retail promenade.

    “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with GEK TERNA Group and further expand Hard Rock’s reach across the globe in the great City of Athens,” said Jim Allen, Hard Rock International Chairman. “This development will bring over 3,000 permanent jobs to the people of Greece and we look forward to bring our unique brand of entertainment and provide an unparalleled experience for guests of all ages.”

    “This development will create a premium tourism spot, expected to offer employment to thousands of people, yield significant revenues to the public sector, and add value to Greece’s brand” said George Peristeris, Chairman and CEO of GEK TERNA Group. “Along with Hard Rock we are realizing a private investment of over 1 billion euros, reaffirming our trust in Greece’s prospects and potential.”

    The design of the project draws its inspiration from basic Greek elements such as the sea, the arts and ancient mythology, which it combines with the modern requirements of architecture and the inescapable need for harmonious integration of the project in its environment and location. Open spaces, gardens and water features are key elements of the project’s design, with total green open space covering close to 205,000 m2.

    The central Tower draws its inspiration from nautical references, incorporating in its design the waves, the sails and the lighthouse. Built on three levels, the Tower has three different orientations corresponding to the reference points located within the imaginary triangle that is formed around the project: the Acropolis, the sea and Mount Hymettus. Its iconic shape will serve as a symbol of the region and reference the importance of the connection between land, sea and sky.

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens will be an international destination, offering its visitors an exciting mix of entertainment, food and beverage and accommodations, embracing the Mediterranean climate and providing special outdoor spaces.

    The development brings a vibrant casino of just under 15,000 m2, comprising of 200 tables and 2,000 gaming machines. The Tower consists of more than 1,000 guest rooms and suites, totaling almost 3,500 beds overlooking the waterfront or views across Athens to the Parthenon. The project also includes the highest outdoor rooftop terrace in Athens, with a rooftop pool deck that consists of Bars, the Rock® Spa and Body Rock Fitness, celebrating the year-around sunshine and pleasant temperatures with indoor-outdoor connections.

    The Hard Rock Live’s theater is designed to entertain audiences of 3,000, while the stage extends to the exterior for outdoor festivals and concerts with an additional 7,500 seats. Inspired by the ancient Greek amphitheater, the outdoor lawn is bringing together culture and entertainment, harmonically bridging the Hard Rock brand with the Greek lifestyle.

    An outdoor village with a variety of retail, high-end local and international restaurants, dinning terraces and bar and lounge spaces encompasses the casino, while the conference and exhibition center which exceed 23,000 m2, provide a large expo hall, ball rooms, meeting areas and support spaces.

    The 30-year concession is a partnership between Hard Rock International (51%) and GEK TERNA Group (49%), with the latter being also responsible for the entire construction of the project, which is expected to begin within the first months of 2023 and last close to 3 years, setting the opening of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Athens in 2026.

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    Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Athens

    Status: Announced

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