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Eden Project
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    Eden Project North will have three main areas:
    - Above the Bay: an environment filled with plants and art exhibits
    - Below the Bay: an immersive series of theatrical experiences that bring to life lunar rhythms and tides
    - The Natural Observatory: the home of Eden Project North's research and education programmes

    This new attraction should be able to hold up to 4,000 visitors a day.

    Who will be awarded the work to build the project?
    Eden has a strong local sourcing philosophy, as demonstrated in Cornwall, and where possible we will aim to employ local companies to do the work. In total, we are looking at around 2,000 construction jobs and in our tender documents, we are aiming to guarantee a minimum of 80% local labour and suppliers. More information will be shared on this once funding is achieved

    The developer behind the Morecambe scheme will bid for £50m from the government’s Levelling Up Fund and put £70m of private funding towards developing the project, having already secured £5m from partners. The bid is expected to be submitted by July, 4th. UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said the government officials will keep working with the Eden Project on the plans for the £125m scheme, which was granted planning permission in January.


  2. Eden Project North: Council passes plans for Morecambe attraction.

    Proposals to create a new eco-tourism attraction on the Lancashire coast have received planning permission.

    Lancaster City Council approved the £125m plan for Eden Project North, which the charity behind it said re-imagines Morecambe "as a seaside resort for the 21st Century". The Local Democracy Reporting Service said the council's planning committee voted in favour of the planning application, which has been in the pipeline since the charity's plan for a North of England site was first announced in 2018, at a meeting in the Lancashire resort earlier.

    The four domes will each simulate different environments, and there will be also two restaurants on site. The development will cost £125 million and it’s hoped it will attract 760,000 tourists per year and create 400 jobs. Much like the original Eden Project, it will combine conservation and education with exhibitions, art, live music and retail.

    And on top of all that, Eden Project North will be an especially eco-friendly tourist attraction. The domes will be made of sustainably-sourced timber and covered in solar panels. Developers reckon that the attraction may eventually be not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative.

  3. The Chief Executive of Eden Project International says “ We are aiming for late 2022 for construction to begin, leading to an opening late 2024. This is reliant on planning permission being granted and funding being in place in the timeframe we expect.”

    Eden Project North is being delivered by the team behind the first Eden Project in Cornwall, led by Grimshaw Architects. WSP is the scheme’s planning consultant. It is projected to attract around one million visitors a year.

    Eden Project North’s “shell like” domes will be constructed in timber and covered in a flexible transparent membrane with integrated solar cells. These four shells – known as the Rhythm Machine, the Bay Glade, the Bay Hall and the Natural Observatory – are set in a “dunescape” of landscaped roofing planted with coastal vegetation.

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    Eden Project North will be a ticketed visitor attraction that is sustainable and transformative, with large indoor environments, housed within iconic pavilions, at its heart. It will build on the Eden Project in Cornwall’s particular mix of entertainment and education, leaving visitors with lasting memories as well as driving positive behavioural change.

    Eden Project North will combine exhibits, performance, learning, play, immersive experiences, world-class horticulture, live music, art, food, beverage and retail spaces, all integrated as essential parts of the overall experience.
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  5. A much smaller version of the Eden Project will be going to the north/center of the UK:


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    Eden Project North

    Status: announced

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