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Dubai Reefs
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    The recent launch of the Dubai Reef Project led by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, signifies a pivotal moment in urban environmental preservation. This endeavor, aimed at enhancing marine biodiversity and promoting eco-tourism, establishes unprecedented benchmarks for sustainable urban growth on a global scale.

    It is truly remarkable to witness the evolution and amplification of the original 'Dubai Reefs' Project conceived by URB and unveiled in May 2023. This initiative reflects Dubai's unwavering dedication to sustainability and serves as a guiding model for forthcoming environmental initiatives worldwide.


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    At the heart of the floating city, a marine institute will be found serving as a living lab and educational facility, but will also be responsible for the construction of the world’s largest artificial reef. Covering an expansive area of 200 square meters, the reef endeavors to create a thriving habitat for over one billion corals and one hundred million mangrove trees, making it the most diverse man-made reef ever to be made. Through the utilization of 3D printing techniques, underwater landscapes will be mimicked by using biomaterials to provide a suitable environment for microalgae, just like their biological coral counterparts.

  3. From leading the world and setting the parameters for yet another type of stunning, colossal, expensive mega project, to giving back to fixing the world’s oceans, Dubai is building a series of floating islands that will become the world’s largest artificial reef!

    This very interesting video is a must-watch; explaining in detail what the Dubai Reefs mega project is, why they are building it, and how it will affect the city and the whole world!

    Regardless of how hard any nation tries to portray the process of building mega projects as environmentally friendly, the truth remains that such an achievement is literally impossible due to the nature of the materials used and the associated supply chain. However, Dubai is one of the few that goes the extra mile to ensure the construction process and resulting mega projects have the least negative effect on the environment.

    I will not spoil it by revealing it all in text. Check out this interesting video explaining it ALL! I will say this: the engineering behind this mega project is insane.


  4. Dubai Reefs bills itself as the world’s largest ocean restoration project; if built it would consist of 77 square miles of artificial reef that will create a home for more than one billion corals and 100 million mangrove trees.

    Plans for the project were announced this week by URB, a Dubai-based developer of sustainable cities.

    If construction goes ahead, the developer expects to complete the project by 2040, but notes that it will face challenges in ensuring the initiative can be funded entirely privately, and can be accessed by people of all income levels.

    Alongside the artificial reefs, URB has designed floating residential, hospitality, retail facilities and various eco-lodges, which it says would make the site a tourism destination.

    At the center the project would be a marine institute, dedicated to ocean research and protecting Dubai’s coastal environment. It would also offer education programs around marine conservation.

    Dubai Reefs aims to become a blueprint for marine conservation, ecotourism and ocean living,” said Bagherian. “Ultimately, it will become a unique resilient destination providing food security and energy from the ocean, whilst empowering a greener economy.”

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  5. That looks like the same insanity as 'The Universe' islands back in 2007. I bet that reef will fall victim to the next real estate bust, coming shortly!

  6. The 'living lab' will provide a natural [type] defence for nearby Dubai against coastal erosion or during storms, as it will be guarding the land from the powerful waves, while the Dubai coastline itself will benefit from 'coastal regeneration'.

    Built in phases, Dubai Reefs will be stationed just off the city's coast in the Persian Gulf, where existing human-made artificial islands are already located.

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    The Dubai Reefs, one of the largest ocean community megaprojects, will soon be launched in Dubai. In addition, the project will help Dubai maintain its status as a pioneer in sustainable marine efforts, according to a statement from URB, the project’s developer for Dubai Reefs.

    Inside Dubai Reefs – the largest artificial reef island in the world, there will be tons of installations that will offer a unique experience. A comprehensive guide of these experiences will include,
    Mix use floating ecotourism hub
    Research and conservation facilities
    World’s largest artificial reef 200 sq.km1 billion corals
    100 million mangrove trees
    100 percent renewable energy
    Ocean regenerative farming
    Innovative blue infrastructure

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    Dubai Reefs

    Status: announced

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