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03 Sep 2021
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20 ha
AICL Group, Crowland Management
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    It looks like the Domino Tower may finally get built under the leadership of Zanzibar’s President Hussein Ali Mwinyi who plans to overhaul the economy with a luxury developement boom.

    Zanzibar is undergoing an infrastructure overhaul on a scale not witnessed since independence, with plans to turn the archipelago famed for its pristine beaches and narrow-alleyed old towns into a megalopolis.
    The Burj Zanzibar, the world’s tallest green building, is the latest headline-grabbing and record-setting project earmarked for construction on the island.
    The announcement comes a little over a year after the planned construction of the Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower, a spiralling skyscraper on a man-made island off the west coast of the archipelago, was announced. In September last year, Tanzania’s AICL Group and Edinburgh-based investment company, Crowland Management unveiled designs for the US$1.3 billion glitzy skyscraper.

    Burj Zanaibar is well underway so posisbly a good sign The Domino Tower may follow?


  2. It is expected that the project will be completed by early 2025. Founder and design director of xCassia, Jean-Paul Cassia, explains that the biggest challenge is to avoid environmental risks while building an artificial island in the ocean.


  3. This project will never happen. In Tanzania? No way. Never ever.

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    Pandemic made a great impact on the world's economy and people's life, but there is always a blessing in disguise. Since the initial plans to build the tower in Vietnam were erased by the pandemic, with this project as part of a plan Tanzania got a chance to revitalize growth over the next 30 years.

    ...the wow-worthy tower is also intended to trigger a turnaround of Zanzibar’s financial fates—helping revive tourism on the Tanzanian archipelago, which went from a high of nearly 540,000 visitors in 2019 to just 260,000 in 2020.
    The architect Jean-Paul Cassia is ready and feeling particularly motivated about his studio’s new spiral skyscraper project.

    “When fate gives you the opportunity to design a project like Domino twice, the approach is decidedly all about creating a destination that has the power to connect the planet, people and create prosperity in a way that elevates the human experience in a sustainable, responsible and universal way.”

    Linked by a high and low bridge structure, the development will span three distinct areas, each loaded with activities and amenities: hotels for up to 800 guests, 560 apartments, a golf course, a wedding chapel, and a marina where yachts and cruise ships can dock.
    “Any project that is made to attract tourism needs to capture the hearts and imagination of people,” said Olivier Lapidus, partner and interior design creative director at xCassia.

  5. rollercoasterg is offline Curious Chap
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    A great video to see!

  6. rollercoasterg is offline Curious Chap
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    Did you know that the project was originally planned for Ha Long Bay in Vietnam but switched to Zanzibar last year, is backed by the Tanzanian AICL Group and Crowland Management Ltd.

    Another interesting fact is that the design of the tower was first sketched in Paris in 2009.

    The man-made island is linked by a bridge to the west coast of Zanzibar, 15 minutes from the Unesco World Heritage site of Stone Town.


  7. rollercoasterg is offline Curious Chap
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    As much as it says on the Cassia website "The center of the man-made island is located 1.5km off the main coastal road and radiates out over a 250m radius within which a marina is created to receive incoming yachts and tourism vessels."

  8. Where is the exact proposed location? The concept art suggests it is already defined.

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    xcassia unveils plans for ‘zanzibar domino commercial tower’, a spiraling skyscraper on a manmade island off the west coast of tanzania‘s zanzibar archipelago. the massive 370,000 sqm mixed-use development will reportedly become the second tallest building in africa and the biggest hotel in east and central africa. the project takes design inspiration from the shape of stacked dominos and is composed of 360 ‘keys’ that rise toward an observation platform at the top.

    Envisioned as an emblematic tourist destination, the development will be realized on a 20-hectare, 4km-long site. the extensive masterplan comprises leisure, entertainment, retail, and residential programs with notable features including an island resort complete with golf course, and a wedding chapel on a private islet. the tower itself will house 560 residential units as well as a 5 and 6 star hotel and spa facilities.

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    Domino Tower Zanzibar

    Status: announced

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