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    The casino planned for the area is expected to be operational in 2022.

    Hong Kong-listed Century Entertainment said the Dara Sakor casino in Cambodia had opened on Nov. 4th and its Victor Mind Global unit will begin operating two tables.

    The company said the casino expects to be fully operational by February 2022. The final number of tables that will be assigned to its unit will be dependent on certain conditions in the framework agreement being fulfilled, it said.


    The airport will also be operational at a later time in 2022. Flight trials will commence early next year.

    “The airport will be ready to commence commercial operations in mid-2022 and the terminal building is capable of handling passengers movements of up to a half a million,” the firm added.


    So far it looks like the Dara Sakor Golf Hotel, Seaside Golf Course, and Dara Sakor Hotel are all operational. See photos below:


  2. Comprising about 20% of Cambodia's coastline, the UDG development was billed as a luxury resort that would cost up to $3.8 billion. But after the initial construction of a hotel, surrounding golf courses and roads, the project has largely remained stalled, with the exception of its airport.

    The company's grand vision of a casino city attracting millions of Chinese tourists is yet to materialize. Nor has there been progress on broader plans at the site for what has been called the "Cambodia-China Comprehensive Investment and Development Pilot Zone," which is to feature industrial parks, container terminals and the port.

    The development has been listed as a "priority cooperation project" by Cambodia and China since 2016. And while it predates Chinese President Xi Jinping's announcement of the Belt and Road Initiative by five years, UDG has aggressively branded it a BRI project in its public materials.

  3. This is actually an operating resort:

  4. A small hotel and three 18 hole golf courses are already open and a sales office opened in Phnom Penh on March 31rd, 2015.

    At build-out, the resort is expected to come in at a cost of between $3.8-$5 billion. China's Union Group is spearheading the project, developing as much as 20% of Cambodia's coastline in the endeavor.

    The development will cover at least 36,000 (139 square miles) of land in Botum Sakor and Kiri Sakor districts, including parts of the Botum Sakor National Park near the Gulf of Thailand. Concession of the land on a 99-year lease was made in April 2008. The Cambodian city nearest to the project is Sihanoukville.

    The mega-complex will also have a port for cruise ships, an international airport, golf courses, apartment buildings, and hotels to provide entertainment and comfort to foreign tourists. Some reports put the size of the resort at “…half the size of Singapore.”


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    Dara Sakor Seashore Resort

    Status: under construction

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