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Jun 2018
1 ha
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  1. CNS Group joined the Integrated Casino Resorts Cyprus Consortium (“ICR”), which comprises Melco Resorts & Entertainment and The Cyprus Phassouri (Zakaki) Limited – a member of the CNS Group – to develop and operate City of Dreams Mediterranean. Comprising the main resort in western Limassol, as well as four satellite casinos in different locations in Cyprus, City of Dreams Mediterranean will be the biggest integrated casino resort in Europe. In line with the principles of sustainable development, the resort will blend in with Cyprus’s natural environment and landscape.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    When will construction finish?
    If it is due to open in Q2 2023 then likely full construction will continue well into Q1 and then landscaping, interior etc will follow. I expect we will still be seeing signs of work on landscaping right up to opening.

  3. When will construction finish?

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    We got to enjoy the resort tour of City of Dreams Mediterranean this morning, working on our dream tennis academy coming next year!

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    “The City of Dreams Mediterranean project has experienced delays due to some difficulties that we have encountered with our contractors. At this point in time, we expect to open in early second quarter 2023, subject to regulatory approvals. However, this remains a fluid situation and we continue to look at ways to expedite the progress.”

    Stated to include a 7,500-square meter casino with 100 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines

    here's an old video showing a peek of the inside from November 2021:

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    Latest shots from the construction site of the City of Dreams Mediterranean project:

    In the Instagram post you may find below, the project is said to have:

    - 500 Guest Rooms
    - 1 Grand Ballroom 1500 sq.m
    - 1 Blank Canvas Expo Space 1500 sq.m
    - 5 Conference Rooms
    - 10 F&B Establishments
    - 4 Swimming Pools
    - 1000’s of Sq. Metres of Green Spaces
    in the future.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Will this be Europe's biggest casino in terms of space and number of slot machines?
    So if the press releases are true, the casino at City of Dreams will have...
    ...over 100 tables and 1,000 state-of-the-art slot machines on its gaming floor, measuring 81,000 square feet.
    Europoes current largest casino is Casino di Campione in Como, Italy which houses...
    ...9 floors holding over 500 slots and 56 traditional casino table games
    600,000 square feet of casino.
    So by those standards City of Dreams will be much bigger in terms of tables and slots but smaller footprint wise. There is, however, not a huge amount in official press about table numbers etc and the information on casino sites seems to be a few years out of date with no recent updates. I think we may have to wait and see if it takes the title. It doesn't seem to be trading on that as it's unique selling point at the moment.

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