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    Durango Casino and Resort in Las Vegas is scheduled to open in 2023 and the public are now able to have a closer look at what the resort will look like with the miniature model now on display at Red Rock Resort.

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    Nakheel has revealed the vision for Dubai Islands, formerly known as Deira Islands, emphasizing the complete waterfront living concept.

    Consisting of five islands of 17km2 in area with waterfront living and communities, home to over 80 resorts and hotels, luxury and wellness resorts, parks and golf courses, beaches and loads more, all in one interconnected location with convenient access to the city and airport.
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    Only 1 week to go before the construction of Louvre Abu Residence commences with an official date of the 31st August 2022. Described as one of Saadiyat Islands' most luxurious living designs and a construction duration of 31 months from start to finish, you'd want to keep an eye out for every intricate detail.

    Following the ongoing trend for sustainability, the brand new development will be designed to meet the requirements of the Pearl Building Rating System. That being said, during the construction Aldar Properties plans to use ethically sourced natural materials to leave a positive environmental footprint.

    In order to bolster eco-conscious living in Abu Dhabi, there will also be green spaces, shaded communal areas and covered walkways surrounding Louvre Abu Dhabi Residences.Starting from AED 1.3MApartments of Louvre Abu Dhabi Residences will be available in 2 colour schemes: Dark Premium with a rich palette of cool neutrals, such as charcoal with slate gray undertones, and Light Premium which will have taupe and creamy accents. For a more stylish look, the interiors will be complemented with marble finishes and metallic accents, as well as exclusive artworks featured throughout the living and dining spaces.
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