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    New attractions are opening their doors to the public!
    Below is the information on opening times and what entry will cost you. Excitement overload!
    (Link to buy your tickets at the bottom of this post.)

    Opening Times: 10AM to 6PM (From 1 October 2022)
    Ticket Cost: 50.00 AED
    Location: Sustainability District

    Through stunning displays, immersive exhibits and personal stories narrating the evolution of Dubai, the Vision Pavilion tells a story of childhood wonder and how our environment and values can support our ambition and shape our future.

    Opening Times: 10AM to 6PM (From 1 October 2022)
    Ticket Cost: 50.00 AED
    Location: Sustainability District

    The Women’s Pavilion is a dedicated space for meaningful discussions supporting women’s contributions to shaping a more balanced world.

    Opening Times: 24/7 (From 1 October 2022)
    Ticket Cost: FREE
    Location: Jubilee District

    Larger-than-life immersive walls are swept over by gushing water which then appears to flow upwards in a gravity-defying feat of engineering.

    Opening Times: 10AM to 6PM (From 1 October 2022)
    Ticket Cost: 30.00 AED
    Location: Mobility District

    Hop on this beautiful Italian-made carousel with hand painted images of past World Expos. Enjoy a ride like no other while sitting on a horse, inside a tea cup or simply relaxing inside a rocking chariot or on a bench.

    Opening Times: 24/7 (From 1 October 2022)
    Ticket Cost: FREE
    Location: Center

    Named after the Arabic word for “connection”, this unique architectural achievement was known as the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai.Its massive steel trellis dome, measuring 67.5 meters high houses the largest 360-degree projection surface in the world. Al Wasl Plaza hosted some of the largest events held at Expo 2020, including the opening and closing ceremonies and incredible live concerts by world-renowned artists including Coldplay, Alicia Keys and Kadim Al Saher.

    Opening Times: 10AM to 6PM (Already open to public)
    Ticket Cost: 50.00 AED
    Location: Mobility District

    Designed to spark wonder about the history of mobility, Alif - the Mobility Pavilion, takes visitors on an unforgettable journey across space and time.

    Opening Times: 10AM to 6PM (Already open to public)
    Ticket Cost: 50.00 AED
    Location: Sustainability District

    This engaging, playful and reflective experience is designed to take visitors of all ages - particularly children - on an emotional journey to understand their impact on the environment and empower them to build a brighter future.

    Get your tickets here:
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    In the Mobility District there are still some pavilions waiting to welcome visitors. Although I could not get confirmation on exact opening dates and times, it's planned that the pavilions will start opening their doors throughout the month of October 2022.
    "And now with news that the spot is being renamed Expo City 2020 and scheduled to open its first phase in October, we are sure you are intrigued as to what the newest city within the city of Dubai will have to offer."
    Quote Source: [url]

    The pavilions that are still standing their ground in the Mobility District is:











    And the main pavilion, Alif:

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    The Mobility District is the second district that is already open to the public. Visitors still don't have access to any pavililions, but the main pavilion, Alif, is open and ready to amaze! Opening times are 10AM to 6PM and an entry ticket will cost you 50.00 AED p/p.
    Pavilions will start to open during the month of October.
    "The Mobility Pavilion, designed by the award-winning Foster + Partners, features the world’s largest passenger lift, which will transport 160+ people at a time. The pavilion also stars a partly underground, partly open-air 330-metre track for you to see cutting-edge mobility devices in action."
    Quote Source:

    Here are some updates on the pavilions that have been demolished:


    This pavilion has been completely demolished and it seems like the site now benefits as a sports field.

    I could not see anything behind the construction barriers, but the pavilion is definitely gone.



    The pavilions is gone and the site hides behind construction walls.

    Republic of Korea:

    More updates on the standing pavilions to follow!
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    The German Pavilion has been demolished. I posted pictures of the site in one of my recent posts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    What about the German Pavilion. Is dismantling work going on, too?
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    The Sustainability District is one of the two districts that are open to the public. It's main pavilion, Sustainability Pavilion (Terra), is open from 10AM to 6PM and entry ticket are 50.00 AED p/p.

    Here are the pavilions that are still standing:




    Czech Republic:
    I am not sure what they are planning with this pavilion. There were some construction workers, and I think it's to upgrade or do some maintenance on the building.




    DP World:

    The DP World Pavilion will remain as an education facility at District 2020 and will continue to benefit generations to come, supporting our mission for industry innovation and knowledge-creation.
    Source: @expocitydubai on Instagram




    For pictures and information on the pavilions that have been demolished, please see the post below this one.
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    One of the districts that are semi-open to the public is the Sustainability District. For the month of September, the transportation shuttles around the areas are free. This district has some more life to it and you can already see some families or students roaming around to explore what the new Expo City has to offer. Although the pavilions are closed, the Sustainability Pavilion (Terra) is open to the public from 10AM to 6PM. The cost is 50.00 AED per person.
    "With over 6,000 sqm of exhibition space, the Sustainability Pavilion will enjoy a long life after Expo is over, transforming into a science museum and expanding on its mission of exploring sustainable practices and the critical stewardship of our fragile planet."
    Quote Source:

    Here is a list of the pavilions that are demolished, or in the stages of being demolished:


    This pavilion has been demolished to the ground. There is no confirmation and what will replace it.

    Sweden & Lithuania:
    Both are in the process of being demolished. Sweden is still peaking over the construction barriers.

    Singapore, The Netherlands and New Zealand:
    Where there were once 3 pavilions, there are now none. Just an open space. It is speculated that it will be used as office spaces in the future.

    Another one bites the dust.

    Italy and Israel:
    I was mesmerized by the construction on this site. The front is where the Italian pavilion once was, and in the back you can still see the steel structure of where the Israelian pavilion stood.

    Japan and United States:
    Both are gone and totally closed off. I could hear some construction going on, but could not get information on what they were building/developing.

    Another post will follow on the pavilions that are still standing in the Sustainability District.
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    The Opportunity District is still closed to the public and although you can walk through, there are several security guards roaming the grounds to ensure people do not enter restricted - or construction areas. The Opportunity Pavilion (Mission Possible) is undergoing maintenance and is closed to the public. Although no opening date has been given, it is speculated that it will re-open it's doors around mid October as a public museum for Expo City Dubai visitors.
    "Witness how our lives and actions are interconnected in the Opportunity District. Meet the people worldwide who are transforming dreams and aspirations into the realities of tomorrow, and be empowered to shape the future by unlocking the potential within yourself."
    Quote Source:

    Several pavilions have been demolished or are in the demolishing process. They are:

    - United Kingdom:
    It is speculated that the site will be used as a parking area.

    - Monaco & Indonesia:
    These zones were completely boxed off with high container walls. I got information that it's planned to be completely demolished to make space for other buildings.

    - Bahrain:
    I could not get confirmation on whether they're planning to upgrade or demolish this pavilion. As you can see, there are obvious signs of work being done.

    - Vietnam, Colombia and Belarus:
    There are no signs of these pavilions. It has been demolished to the ground. What will take their place is still a mystery.

    - Austria and Switzerland:
    Both were demolished to the ground. I was lucky enough to take some pictures of the construction before the walls went up.

    The Opportunity District pavilions that are still standing in Expo City Dubai:

    - GCC:

    - Luxemburg:

    - Ukraine:

    - Baden-Wurttembourg House:

    - Pakistan:

    - Norway:

    - China:

    - Egypt:

    - Morocco:

    - Saudi-Arabia:

    - Mission Possible Pavilion:
    As mentioned, this pavilion will re-open as a museum around mid October. There are some maintenance going on in and around the pavilion.

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    I had the privilege to visit the Expo City site last week. They are hard at work demolishing some buildings and also upgrading others. The general areas are also undergoing maintenance, so there are still a lot of pavilions blocked off. The official opening date is 1 October 2022, but that does not mean all pavilions/buildings will be open for the public. Below are some pictures of the general areas.
    More updates and pictures to follow!

    Below, men are hard at work to upgrade and test audio and visuals at Al Wasl Plaza.
    This iconic space will continue to host shows and welcome guests all over the world once it opens in October 2022.

    Some general upgrades all around the site:

    I cannot wait to see what Expo City, Dubai has in store for the future!
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    The first hotel on the French Island (CÔTE D'AZUR) called "Monaco" has been completed and will be ready to welcome guests in September 2022. It has a French Restaurant, Beach Club, pool, Shisha- & Cigar club and a Bowling Club. This is the first of 4 planned projects to be completed on the French Island. Picture credits go to the Sales Center of The Heart of Europe.

    "True to the heart of the French Riviera, Monaco hotel has something distinctive to offer to everyone. Here, a chic, international sensibility melds with cool heritage."

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