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  1. Thread: Saadiyat Island

    Post by: Neverland
    According to this article posted last month, Zaha Hadid’s building was abandoned and replaced with what is now being built on its site: Teamlab Phenomena Abu Dhabi.
  2. Thread: Diriyah Gate

    Post by: Neverland
    Long awaited construction update! In the video below, Diriyah Gate, Saudi Arabia, appears to be buzzing with construction activity, at night!

    If you haven't checked out Diriyah by numbers yet, you're in for a treat:

    - 5 Asset classes development: heritage and culture, Hospitality, Lifestyle and Retail, Education, Live and Work
    - 19+ hotels and Resorts
    - +3,000 Hotel rooms across Diriyah Gate
    - 5 Museums
    - 5+ Cultural academies
    - 2.5 km2 will be restored at Wadi Hanifah
    - 55K Direct and indirect job opportunities
    - 27M Visitors by 2030
    - SAR 27B Total Contribution to GDP
    - SAR 20B total contribution to GNP

    (For Non-Arabic speakers, the translation of the Youtube video title is "Constructions in one of the tunnels in Diriyah Project")
  3. Thread: Japan Expo 2025

    Post by: Neverland
    OSAKA – South Korea has become the first foreign country to submit a basic plan for building its own pavilion at the 2025 Osaka Expo, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday, amid concerns about the slow progress being made on pavilions by foreign nations.

    It is expected some 50 countries will build their own pavilions for the expo, but the city of Osaka had not received a basic design plan from any participating country, a requirement before seeking construction permission, until it received South Korea's on Friday. The ability of participating countries to design and build their own pavilions is supposed to be one of the event's key attractions, but a shortage of construction workers and the prospect of various unique designs and installations have made domestic construction companies reluctant to sign contracts.
    Under the current plan, participating countries are supposed to complete the bulk of the construction for their Type A pavilions by July 2024, finalize work on their interiors by January next year and have their planned exhibits completed later in March. The expo begins on April 13, 2025, but concerns are growing that the pavilions for overseas participants may not be built in time for the opening.
    Japan Times:
  4. Thread: NEOM - The Line

    Post by: Neverland
    It is really exciting to see the progress in Neom. We continue to be the generation witnessing the transformation as this visionary futuristic mega-city rises from the sands! Check this recent aerial footage!

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