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  1. Thread: 11 Skies

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    Another anticipated attraction at 11 SKIES: the first Vquarium!

    The first new attraction experience being developed by Falcon’s under the joint venture is the underwater adventure themed Vquarium™. Providing a science fiction-like experience that is rooted entirely in the natural world, Vquarium will be a story-driven interactive adventure that explores oceans and waterways around the globe in a wonder-filled narrative that offers intimate and empowering encounters with virtual sea life to entertain, educate, and inspire. Vquarium will be introduced through an interactive attraction that allows visitors to simulate going on an immersive undersea voyage.
    Vquarium will have a vertical space of up to 13 metres to create a sense of the deep-ocean environment, enhanced by simulators with special effects and mixed reality technology.
    Following its debut at 11 SKIES, Vquarium is planned to expand to nearly a dozen additional locations across China in the coming years. Falcon’s also expects to launch Vquarium in other high-profile markets outside of Asia.
    More details regarding the Vquarium here:

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    Controversy surrounding Therme Canada - Ontario Place. Could this affect the timeline and building plans further?

    The province's plans for redevelopment at Ontario Place's waterfront site have proven controversial, with Chow herself previously promising to push back against Therme Canada's indoor water park and spa, slated for the West Island. The mayor also recently suggested the site should be located at the Better Living Centre, part of Exhibition Place.
    Earlier this year, the company said its redesign will include more open parkland, natural spaces, public trails, and places for people to gather. Meanwhile Ontario Place for All, a community group against the redevelopment, is seeking an injunction to stop the process.
    Additional information vis-a-vis the redesign.
    According to Therme, the following changes have been made to the design:
    -The size of the Therme building has been reduced by 25 per cent. Instead of a single large building, it's now composed of a campus of connected buildings.
    -Some 1.6 hectares of rooftop parkland and trails have been added on top of the buildings. This is in addition to the 4.8 hectares of public parkland, including a new beach, boardwalk and cycling trails included in the previous design.
    -The bridge connecting the mainland to the West Island over Lakeshore Boulevard West and through a redesigned entry pavilion will include greenspace and will be accessible to the public.
    -The East Headland will now have a larger public gathering space and "better protection from the elements."
    -Public pathways have been widened and more space for food concessions added.

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    Inspire is open for reservations! Soft opening in 2 days.

    Inspire is soft opening on November 30, and reservations will be open from November 28.
    There is a total of 1,275 rooms across three five-star hotel towers, each of which has its own unique design inspired by the natural beauty of Yeongjong Island.
    Upcoming events at the arena include the Melon Music Awards, SHINee Taemin Solo Concert, SBS Gayo Daejeon 2023, and the 2023 TVXQ! Concert.

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