After delays, Dubai's World Islands developer hopes ''The Heart of Europe'' megaproject is set to fully open by 2026.
Josef Kleindienst chairman of the Kleindienst Group said:''48 of the floating villas will be handed over by the end of this year.''

The project's first phase, which includes the transfer of over 50 floating "seahorse" homes, will be finished by the end of this year, according to The Kleindienst Group. Côte d’Azur Monaco welcomed guests from September 2022, and it looks set to be one of the most exciting new hotels in Dubai. When the project is finished, it will also include 16 hotels and "palaces" with access to a private beach.

The magnificent lagoon and sand-surrounded Cote d'Azur Monaco Hotel, debuted in September 2022. Mediterranean waters that are pleasantly calm, raucous poolside gatherings, stunning ocean views and beautiful sunrises. You may get glimpses of the charming Cote D'Azur Monaco Hotel as you are drawn in by its magnetic attraction.