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    New signs of continued Fontainebleau construction:

    Activity has been underway for some time at the long-unfinished hotel-casino project on the north Strip, which now has an “fb” logo near the top of the tower, work trucks on site, Fontainebleau Las Vegas signage along its fencing, and other signs of construction.

    This now includes a towering piece of equipment along Las Vegas Boulevard that, during Southern Nevada’s frenzied real estate bubble of the mid-2000s, was so widely deployed that people joked Nevada’s state bird should be the crane.

  2. Thread: Rixos resorts

    Post by: Anastasia
    Rixos Jewel of The Creek, Dubai to be introduced in mid 2022.

    Accor, a world leading hospitality group, will introduce many stunning new properties in the Middle East in 2022, including the new Raffles Doha and sister hotel Fairmont Doha, Banyan Tree AlUla in the Asher Valley of Saudi Arabia, and Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé.

    The Group will also broaden its Rixos portfolio in Qatar and in the region overall with the upcoming Rixos Doha Qetaifan, Rixos Obhur Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Rixos Jewel of the Creek in Dubai, UAE.

    Designed to be the "Jewel" of the Jewel of the Creek development, the new Rixos luxury resort features an abundance of outdoor fun, with lavish pools, landscaping and fountains, and a waterfront promenade lined with boutiques, restaurants, bars, and an 80-berth marina.
  3. Thread: Eden Project Qingdao

    Post by: Anastasia
    Eden Qingdao will feature a giant biome - home to what will become the world's tallest indoor waterfall cascading down a giant mechanical mountain.

    Our vision for the mountain is to create the impression that, as soon as you walk into the biome, you feel as if you have entered a lush rainforest. Water cascades down the mountain into the pool below, the thundering orchestra forming the backdrop to the park. The mountain's facade evokes rock textures, carved and shaped by the flow of water down them, and plants grow up the facade, fresh and Lucious. Cascades and small waterfalls create a soft landscape that showcases biodiversity in all its glory. Visitors will be able climb the mountain.

    Media is overlaid on the mountain - a theatrical show of projections and lighting work together to tells stories of about water and its powerful, life-giving qualities. Throughout the day, the mountain morphs, changing the movement and rhythm of the water keeping the park alive with activity.

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