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    LLC "Asia-Invest Group" (Vladivostok) received a sublease of a land plot with a total area of 2.7 hectares on the territory of the integrated entertainment resort (IRK) "Primorye" for the creation of a hotel and entertainment complex.

    Construction of the facilities will begin in 2022. Investments in the project will amount to 1.7 billion rubles

    Alexander Kim, director of Asia-Invest Group LLC:
    In July 2022, as soon as the project documentation is prepared and a building permit is received, we plan to start construction and installation work and complete it within a year and a half. Next year we will start building another 5-storey hotel for 60 rooms, which we will put into operation in the second quarter of 2025. We expect that the hotel and entertainment complex that our company will build will be able to receive 25% of the total number of guests of the entire resort.
    The total volume of investments under the concluded agreements in the gambling zone "Primorye" is 75.3 billion rubles, 7 hotel complexes with a casino are at the implementation stage. Construction and design work is carried out by private investors from Hong Kong, Cambodia, Russia, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

  2. Thread: Qiddiya

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    Architectural, engineering, and planning firm, Dewan to design 337,948m2 water theme park in Qiddiya! You can keep up to date with the ongoing construction over at

    The water park will be at the heart of the attractions at Qiddiya, close to Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. The expansive project will cover 337,948m2 of land and include 22 rides, nine of which will be world-firsts.

    Dewan’s futuristic vision

    The Qiddiya Water Theme Park will have nine distinct districts inspired by native animals and habitat, including Camel Rock, the Den, the Herding Grounds and Arabian Peak. Qiddiya will be 137,948m2 bigger than any such water park in the world.

    The water park is part of the overall giga-project and is budgeted to cost in the region of $750mn.

    Dewan will use smart technology to ensure that its operation aligns with its sustainability efforts. The architects are using highly advanced environmental systems that will allow them to use 75% less water than traditional practices.

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