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  1. Thread: Yas Island

    Post by: Jenny
    Yas Bay Waterfront

    The walking space is wide and offers beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf as well as Al Raha Beach skyline.
    There are bespoke artworks that have been commissioned and dotted around the attraction. For example, behind Pier 71 is a giant astronaut resting on a bench, while near Etihad Arena is an unmissable large sculpture emerging from the water.

    The boardwalk at Yas Bay Waterfront.

    A giant bronze sculpture emerges from the water at Yas Bay Waterfront. Khushnum Bhandari / The National

    Guests can enjoy views of Al Raha Beach skyline from Yas Bay Waterfront.
  2. Thread: NEOM Saudi Arabia

    Post by: Jenny
    Saudi Arabia’s smart city NEOM has hosted its first UK roadshow event in London to promote investment opportunities.

    Al-Saud has also welcomed numerous UK companies and international talents who already contribute to making the ambitious dream a reality.
    NEOM’s CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr reiterated that “NEOM is very much open for business,” referring to the recent establishment of OXAGON.

    Baroness Helena Morrissey joins NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr to discuss the project
  3. Thread: Qiddiya

    Post by: Jenny
    Philippe Gas took on the position of CEO at the Qiddiya Investment Company in November of this year.

    “This is a super exciting project. It is the world’s biggest venture when it comes to entertainment, sport, the arts, all together and integrated. This has never been done before. So the complexity of it is exciting.
    “It is almost three times the size of Walt Disney World. It is huge. This is a place that will, by its size, offer people days of entertainment.”
    Construction and infrastructure

    “So this is going on, powerlines, electricity, preparing the land, flattening it, getting it ready for the construction for the different sites. This is, I would say, so far on pace. We have, as a focus for the coming few weeks, mostly between now and the early next year, a lot of work around mobility and transportation to Qiddiya from Riyadh.
    Embracing Saudi culture at Qiddiya

    “So it’s the celebration of life on one side. But it is also embracing the history of Saudi Arabia and the culture of Saudi Arabia and looking to the future. This world that we are creating will be all about innovation and technology, and things that you have not even seen before.

    “Waste management, water consumption and biodiversity are the top three that we will focus on. We are also working with local companies and local producers so that’s another piece of our contribution to sustainability.”

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